Reflections on Anime in 2016 – The Best and The Worst of the Year (in my opinion)

It's the first day of the year so let's look back at the year that was. I know that at the end of Summer I did my first reflection post looking back at the anime I'd watched and  I purposefully left D Gray Man and Sailor Moon Crystal 3 off the lists because nostalgia was … Continue reading Reflections on Anime in 2016 – The Best and The Worst of the Year (in my opinion)

Friday’s Feature – On Watching Trash and Finding Gems

If you've been reading my blog you probably already know that I watch a lot of anime. Watching anime and reading novels are my two main forms of entertainment when I'm not working and I consume a lot of stories. I previously did a top 5 list on reasons why I drop a series that … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – On Watching Trash and Finding Gems

Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Poor pacing isn't a new problem by any means; ask anyone who has watched Dragon Ball Z or Bleach about battles that just don't ever seem to end. However, both the Spring and Summer seasons in 2016 have given us new examples of shows that manage to kill interest with pacing issues so I thought … Continue reading Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Taboo Tattoo Series Review

Overview: Seigi is an ordinary teenage boy in Japan (who is of course trained in martial arts) who is given a tattoo that has some mystic powers and then gets caught up in a battle between nations that may or may not have world ending consequences. Review: If you followed my week to week posts … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Series Review

Friday’s Feature – Comparing Apples and Oranges

Erased Title Image

With the new season of anime starting, I've found myself doing a lot of episode 1 impressions and trying to write a basic overview of a lot of different shows. The number of times I found myself falling back on the "it's like .... with a bit of ...." in order to describe a show … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – Comparing Apples and Oranges

Taboo Tattoo Episode 12

Review: This is going to be difficult. Let's just go straight to the end and skip over the absolute non-sense of Seigi being dragged out of the cave, the cave being blown up by the Princess having a tantrum after Izzy landed a hit, Seigi jumping out of a helicopter and somehow catching a falling … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 12

Summer 2016 Week 11

Week 11 and it is the home stretch. After last week's rather ho-hum performance from so many shows, it seems like some of them were just saving up for this week. Other shows are taking the interesting approach (though one that is common in the anime world) of continuing to derail as the end draws … Continue reading Summer 2016 Week 11

Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

Review: More people died. Some of them you may even remember the names of. Most likely not though. There's an extended duel between Cal and Seigi (which BB is kind of part of due to ghostly presence) and that's probably the best part of the episode. Even then, it's pretty ordinary. And then we blow … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

Taboo Tattoo Episode 10

Review: This is how Taboo Tattoo does a time jump: change scenes without warning and then have a character very clumsily comment on the fact that it's been a year before noting another character is taller. Totally seemless transition. All I have are questions. Why am I still watching this? How does BB think it … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 10

Summer 2016 Week 9

Here we are in week 9. This week has been a real mixed bag with some shows dropping the ball entirely (or tossing it away) while other shows have really gone forward full steam ahead. I'm starting to look now to see what is ending in a few weeks and what is continuing but there … Continue reading Summer 2016 Week 9