Flip Flappers Episode 6



Flip Flappers this week just made me wonder all over again if all the symbolism and visual metaphors are actually going anywhere or are we just getting a splattering of ideas that may or may not ultimately mesh. If you wanted, you could probably spend the better part of a week deconstructing every image presented this week and the use of colour throughout the episode but all that will leave you with is a really long winded analysis of something that each viewer is going to have a totally different reaction to. The only coherent thread I’ve found so far in this narrative is Cocona and her becoming a more emotive and whole character, and we see her continuing to search for her identity and getting pushed into action (or at least inspired to act) by her counterpart Papika, and this works well enough as a story.

The rest of this episode kind of gave us a bit of back story about the art student we’ve seen a few times (though how much of this back story is real and how much is entirely illusionary or symbolic is questionable) and we learn that actions in Pure Illusion actually are changing things in the real world (or at least the action this week did). That said, this was definitely the long way to get to that revelation and the question of whether or not this series is any good or just really colourful is still up in the air.

I know I’ve said it before but it probably will be the end of this series before I decide whether I like it or not and my answer will probably entirely hang on whether or not they manage to stick the landing as we tumble down this rabbit hole. Is there a final destination and will it be worth the journey?

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