Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime That Disappointed Me From 2017

Tuesday's Top 5

Last week I gave my top 5 list of suprisingly good shows from 2017. This week I turn it around and share my top 5 disappointments from 2017. Like the last list, this isn't the list of shows I thought were the worst (those will come out in their own list with the reader's choices … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime That Disappointed Me From 2017


Tuesday’s Top 5: Blog Posts in 2017

Tuesday's Top 5

As the year draws to a close I figured it was time for a little bit of reflection so my count down this week isn't one of anime characters or shows but rather the 5 posts that caught my reader's attention over the year (working purely on views and not on engagement or actual quality … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Blog Posts in 2017

Sword Oratoria Episode 5

Review: While I might come back and watch this show once it finishes airing, I am done with week to week viewing. I'm not enjoying the story or the characters and I really have no interest in whatever Ais' hang up is. Plus, this villain looked like it got torn out of 1990's Sailor Moon … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 5

Spring 2017 Week 6

And we've hit the halfway point for the Spring anime season. While there are a lot of fairly ordinary but watchable shows this season, the shows I am enjoying or having put on my must watch list are really blowing me away. It is going to be hard to decide what my overall favourite from … Continue reading Spring 2017 Week 6

Sword Oratoria Episode 4

Review: In fairness to Sword Oratoria, episode 4 probably isn't as bad as I'm about to make it seem but I am so disconnected from this show at this point I just couldn't care about anything happening. It doesn't help that the writers don't seem to care about the few points that they could do … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 4

Sword Oratoria Episode 3

Review: Spin-off by their very nature are always going to be compared to the original and cross overs between events in the original series and the spin-off are more or less inevitable. However, Sword Oratoria seems devoted to walking us through the events that Bell experienced, only without Bell actually being present but for the … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 3

Sword Oratoria Episode 2

Review: While I had my reservations during episode 1, episode 2 of Sword Oratoria confirmed 3 things: Ais is an incredibly boring protagonist and even with every other character falling over themselves to talk about her or to her, it doesn't make her any more interesting. While DanMachi was a fun adventure story with its … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 2

Spring 2017 Week 3

The Spring season continues to be entertaining, which is great afer the relatively slow Winter season. My list is pretty much consolidated now though there are still a handful of shows that I'm not convinced I'll watch through to the end. That said, I have 15 shows at the moment that I'm going to be … Continue reading Spring 2017 Week 3

Sword Oratoria Episode 1

Overview: A spin-off of DanMachi (It is Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon), Sword Oratoria focusses on Ais and the Loki Familia. Review: For a show that is supposed to focus on Ais, she's remarkably passive to absent in this first episode with far more time being given to introducing a … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 1