Poco’s Udon World Episode 12



We’re sickly sweet right up until the very end but this show managed to stay on the adorable and heartwarming side (at least for me) rather than the nauseating overload of sweetness some of these shows go for. This final episode is the perfect resolution and it really feels like this show has done exactly what it wanted to. Possibly the flashbacks with the father were a little overdone. We kind of got the point of where they were going significantly faster than that scene finished but that’s probably my own impatience getting in the way rather than an actual criticism. Anyway, I’ll do a full series review of this eventually but it was really sweet.

Poco’s Udon World is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.


Poco’s Udon World Episode 8



This episode attempts to inject some actual tension into the fairly sickly sweet atmosphere and in the process finally has Souta think about his relationship with Poco and what it actually is. The realisation that it has gone beyond just looking after a strange pet has been a long time coming but it is a welcome relief that Souta has understood that Poco is now definitely a part of his life. But that leads to the question of whether or not the two can stay together. The missing child search has just enough tension in it to be interesting but never gets particularly dark or meaningful and the side-story with the brief but thwarted romance is an amusing enough diversion at the end. All and all, a fairly decent episode.

Poco’s Udon World is available on Crunchyroll.