Orange Series Review

Overview: Ten years ago Kakeru committed suicide. Now his friends, feeling regret, send letters to their past selves in an effort to save him. I reviewed this week to week so if you are interested in my thoughts on individual episodes click here. Review: For those following week to week, it is no surprise that … Continue reading Orange Series Review

Orange Episode 13

Review: I'm definitely feeling conflicted about whether I liked the way this ended. The extended episode was nice because it meant we didn't get an abrupt pace shift in this final episode. The story has progressed slowly and steadily and the extra time allowed them to tell this final part the same way. I still … Continue reading Orange Episode 13

Orange Episode 11

Review: Suwa is taking an awful lot on faith that the science teacher was right in his theory on parallel worlds. And even if Suwa in the other timeline has regrets, why should current Suwa be forced to bear the consequences? I was super relieved when this happened. Good job. Now just do the same … Continue reading Orange Episode 11

Orange Episode 10

Review: This episode needs to come with a warning about the sheer amount of cheesy scenes they are about to throw at you. We're still at the athletics competition and we finish with the long awaited relay. Ignoring the over the top words of encouragement the friends are throwing around (which should be making Kakeru … Continue reading Orange Episode 10

Orange Episode 7

Review: Episode 7 brings us a wonderfully emotional episode. Early on you just can't help but wonder why Suwa would show Naho his letter only to have left the last part of it at home. It becomes clearer as the episode continues, but it still makes you wonder why Naho didn't find that suspicious. The … Continue reading Orange Episode 7

Orange Episode 5

Review: It's nice to see Naho finally thinking things through and wondering about the ramifications of altering the past (even if that thought process was triggered by a pretentious science teacher). Also good to see her finally attempt being a little proactive even if the results weren't what she had hoped. Still just going to … Continue reading Orange Episode 5