18if Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream


Review  (some spoilers below):

While overall this show has been a bit hit and miss, episodes like this remind me why I didn’t drop the show early on. Occasionally it hits the mark fairly perfectly. While the viewing of episode 10 is a disjointed at confusing experience, it has all the qualities one would expect of wandering through someone’s dream and it captures the personality of the dreamer this week pretty perfectly to the point where with minimal dialogue you feel you know her more than you should after only a single episode.


But while the individual story of the witch of the week is quite superb (both in delivery of the story and the visuals), it is the ongoing narrative that gets just a few pushes this week and seem to be preparing the audience for some sort of reveal (which if it doesn’t occur will be horribly disappointing but this episode has given a real sense of anticipation). The mystery of Haruto and Lily which has been ongoing seems to be getting closer with the cat guy finally acknowledging he can see Lily (or maybe he finally started seeing her, I’m not really sure what happened there) and then the dreamer this week clearly asking how long Haruto had been asleep.


This is something a lot of us want an answer to and the question coming head on toward the end of the episode seems to indicate that maybe the show will attempt to address this before the seasons end.

While 18if is not the be all and end all, it has provided a fairly interesting viewing experience this season. I’m not sure about rewatch value and I guess I’ll wait and see how it all ends before I make my final decision on that.

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Karandi James.