My Hero Academia Episode 18

Review: Despite episode 17's efforts to push the B class and some new faces to a small position of prominence, it was fairly clear that class A wasn't going to take that lying down. This episode the tide if effectively turned and the students we know come out on top, though they really did take … Continue reading My Hero Academia Episode 18

My Hero Academia Episode 17

Review: I've thought this before, but class A is full of morons isn't it? They might be really powerful but they just like to bulldoze their way through challenges rather than thinking it through. While the spokesman for class B at the end of the episode may have had a fairly repellant personality, his reasoning … Continue reading My Hero Academia Episode 17

Sagrada Reset Episode 1

Overview: In a town where a lot of people have strange abilities one girl is able to reset the world up to three days. This is fairly pointless until she meets the boy who can perfectly recall memory. Review: I'm not certain where this is going or if there is an overall plot, but for … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 1

Re: Hamatora Series Review

Overview: The sequel to Hamatora, the story picks up immediately after the events in season 1 so be prepared for a few major spoilers for season 1 if you read on. Review: Hamatora is an enjoyable enough story with a bit of mystery, a bit of super powered violence, some friendship stuff and a lot … Continue reading Re: Hamatora Series Review

Hamatora Season 1 Series Review

Overview: At the cafe Nowhere the detective agency Hamatora makes its base. Made up of a group of Minimum Holders (people with superpowers) they take on all kinds of jobs as long as they are interested. However somewhere in the city there's a killer targeting Minimum Holders. Review: In case it sounds like the overview … Continue reading Hamatora Season 1 Series Review

Hitorinoshita Episode 4

Review: My issues with Hitorinoshita continue to be the same: the protagonist is really, really annoying and other then the fact that there are different groups of people with powers who are doing various things there has been no explanation as to what is going on or why. Honestly, other than the fact that the … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 4