The Worst of Summer 2017

And now we've reached the Worst of Summer for 2017. Earlier today the post for Best of Summer 2017 came out so be sure to check it out if you missed it. In the meantime, below are my least favourite shows and moments followed by the results of the reader's poll. Be sure to leave … Continue reading The Worst of Summer 2017


The Best of Summer 2017

Okay, we have made it to the announcement for the best of Summer 2017. Starting with my favourites of the season and then the reader's poll results. With over 100 votes again, and a few more than Spring, I am hoping that the poll is becoming more reflective of the feelings of the community, however … Continue reading The Best of Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Final Thoughts

This is my final week on Summer anime and I'll be getting around to series reviews very soon with Sagrada Reset coming out next week (it was the first one finished so only fair really). I still have my best and worst of the season posts to come out and on that note remember that … Continue reading Summer 2017 Final Thoughts

Summer 2017 Week 12

Okay, some shows are done and others are close to drawing to a close and I'm now having to seriously think about my plans for the Autumn season. Here's my list but there will be one more to draw the season to a close. Remember polling for the best and worst anime of the Summer … Continue reading Summer 2017 Week 12

Reminder to Vote for the Best and Worst of Summer 2017

This is just a reminder post for those who may have missed it last week. The poll is open and I'd love to know your choices for the best and worst of the season.  Also, please share as the more the merrier. The poll will remain open until October 2 and results will be released … Continue reading Reminder to Vote for the Best and Worst of Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Week 11

Another week of anime watching and as we approach the end of the season for most shows I start thinking about all the shows out this season I didn't watch. Not the ones that I dropped or the ones I can't access, but the ones I just never got around to trying or tried an … Continue reading Summer 2017 Week 11

The Best and Worst Anime of Summer 2017 Poll

We're at that time of the season again and while I know a lot of shows are still ongoing I am calling for votes to start for the best and worst of the season. Like last season you are allowed to vote for more than one show and you can write in a title if … Continue reading The Best and Worst Anime of Summer 2017 Poll

Tuesday’s Top 5: Shows of Summer 2017 That Weren’t As Bad As Their Synopsis Made Them Sound

This might seem like an odd choice for a list but I'm going to be honest, going into Summer 2017 there were only a few shows that on reading the synopsis made me want to try them and then most of those were unavailable to me. I did get to watch Elegant Yokai Apartment Life … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Shows of Summer 2017 That Weren’t As Bad As Their Synopsis Made Them Sound

Summer 2017 Week 10

At this point I'm really feeling like I'm chasing my own tail around in circles for all that I'm very busy but don't seem to be accomplishing much. Hopefully that changes soon but in the meantime, this anime season is drawing to a close and with a few exceptions, I'm not even upset by that. … Continue reading Summer 2017 Week 10

Summer 2017 Week 9

A slightly less intense week which was definitely needed. Thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes or positive thoughts via twitter, things really have been a bit full on in the real world at the moment but there's light at the end of the tunnel in that I know in about a month's … Continue reading Summer 2017 Week 9