Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2 – Embarrassed, Confused and Feelings on Hold

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2 Review

I wonder what sort of budget Sasaki to Miyano had for animating sparkles, flowers and other visual accents because they seem to appear in every other scene. Be sure to read the full review.

Is Sasaki to Miyano Worth Watching?

Sasaki to Miyano episode 1 review

Sasaki to Miyano is a boys love story that so far is just aiming for being ridiculously sweet and sparkly. But is it worth watching this season?

Log Horizon Season 2 – The Best is Yet To Come


The players of the hugely successful MMO Elder tales are still trapped in the virtual world. They now survive as immortal adventurers living out what some would call a dream come true by incarnating their online personas. But playing a game and living it are two very different things. Stakes that were once amusing have very real and grim consequences. And increasingly, it seems what constitutes the "real" world, isn't as clear as it uses to be. The all-powerful adventurers have had a huge impact on the world of Theldesia and its people. Now they have some pretty big responsibilities, and the pressure is building!

Fruits Basket Review Episodes 2 and 3


They're animals, but very human Episode 2 Episode two of Fruits Basket continues the soft and easy charm presented in episode one. Visually it is superior to the previous iteration of the anime in every way and the music for the OP and ED are well matched to the overall tone. While Yuki and Kyo’s … Continue reading Fruits Basket Review Episodes 2 and 3