Fairy Ranmaru Series Review – And I Thought Magical Girls Had Some Terrible Outfits

Fairy Ranmaru Series Review

Fairy Ranmaru was a bit of a hot-mess with some stand out moments and interesting ideas but has a mess of a plot and insufficient time to explore more or less anything. Still, not a total wipe-out.

RobiHachi Review Episode 9


Stealing Childhood Memories RobiHachi Episode 9 Revisionist history, flash backs and forced memory retrieval… okay, this episode got more interesting than I originally expected. Instead of our usual opening we had a story about the first moon landing and alien contact, though this was an interesting portrayal of those events. Then Robi and Hachi land … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episode 9

RobiHachi Review Episodes 7 + 8


Amusement Parks and Robot Wars RobiHachi Episode 7 Imagine a planet filled with bright, cute, lovely, happy things that obnoxiously shoved themselves into your face and then they banned any form of complaint speech? That sounds like my idea of a horrible place to spend time and clearly Robi agrees with me even if Hachi … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episodes 7 + 8

RobiHachi Review Episode 6


Eels in Space Episode 6 We’re continuing our space tourism trip and this time Robi and Hachi find themselves on a planet that’s about to have an eel festival. However, for the first time Yang and the others chasing Robi for his debt will actually be on the planet at the same time. Expect lots … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episode 6

RobiHachi Review Episodes 4 + 5


There's something fishy about the pacing here. Episode 4 Robi and Hachi’s journey this week was a little on the shallow side and I think they knew that. Interspersed with their journey we kept flashing back to the debt collector and his assistants getting a bit of backstory on Robi’s debt and how the other … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episodes 4 + 5

RobiHachi Review Episodes 2 + 3


Ground Roots Space Tourism? Episode 2 Want a giant robot that doesn’t have real weapons and then a visit to Mars where the people are octopuses only maybe they aren’t? This anime continues to be weirdly amusing even if the main conflict ended up being resolved by an incredibly heavy handed parody of the standard … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episodes 2 + 3

RobiHachi Review Episode 1


What did I just watch? Episode 1 Why hadn’t I heard about this anime? I mean, seriously, I had no idea this existed and I still don’t really have a clue what it is about despite watching the first episode but I know I want more of it. Even the MAL synopsis doesn’t really help … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episode 1