Are You Drowning in Streaming Services?

Previously I asked my twitter followers how many streaming services they were using to watch anime. I kind of feel during 2020 online access became far more important to a lot of us and it was a good year to take stock of just how many subscriptions I had and just what I was getting from them.

Friday’s Feature: Baiting the Hook

While previously shows have had episodes to build a world and characters, now many viewers make snap judgements with some cutting episodes before the first scene is done. Where the three episode rule used to hold true, and current narratives seem to be well aware of such a rule with more and more shows either moving a mini-climax to episode two or making episode 3 a two-parter to draw their episode back (How Not To Summon A Demon Lord), less viewers seem to actually hold to this rule these days.

Friday’s Feature: A Brief Reflection on Streaming Anime in Australia

I appreciate that readers from elsewhere in the world probably don't need to know what streaming is like in Australia, however with Amazon recently ditching Strike and adding their anime to Prime (and Prime being available in Australia even if much like other services the library is smaller than it might be elsewhere), it seemed … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: A Brief Reflection on Streaming Anime in Australia

Summer 2017 Week 4

No, you didn't miss anything, but this is my first overview of the season. I must admit, I'm not terribly impressed with the offerings so far this season. Then again, I've been fairly spoiled for choice in Winter and Spring so I guess eventually I had to hit a slow season. Below  are my current … Continue reading Summer 2017 Week 4