SSSS.Gridman Episode 1: So That Happened

SSSS.Gridman Episode 1

I know I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but I’ll just say it again so that it is clear going into this review: I don’t like Trigger very much. Visually I’m not a fan of Trigger works with the exception of Kiznaiver and a quick scroll through their titles on MAL reminded me of what I kind of already knew. That is, I’ve yet to actually really enjoy any anime by the studio (Okay, Gurren Lagann). They come with great ideas, fairly bombastic first episodes, and great animation for the most part (and usually some great music) but the narratives by and large fall fairly short when they don’t completely go off the deep end of silliness (yes, I am generalising horrifically but the point stands that I don’t much like them). So I wasn’t expecting much from this (less after I looked up the original Gridman).

That said, for those who don’t mind Trigger or stories that end up going off the wall and stuffing in a million references or being quirky because it can be, this was a decent first episode. But, history tells me that its all pretty much a downhill slide after the first episode and I’m just not in the mood for that kind of frustration this season. So after thinking it over I decided that this one is going to be watched but not reviewed until I either drop it or I get to the end and do a series review.


There are a couple of things you will notice during this first episode that will either be great or annoying depending on your take. The random scenery shots (sometimes stills, other times not) while characters are talking or thinking. I’m sure those witches hats are really important and probably there’s a reference somewhere I’m missing, because it is Trigger after all, but to be perfectly frank I’d like a chance to figure out who these characters are and staring at the worn out pile of shoes isn’t helping with that.

Points at least for taking the character with amnesia to a hospital for once.

The other thing is the dialogue between characters and this is most notable between Rikka and Yuta the first time they talk in the shop. It is almost as though someone has stuffed up the timing of the voice acting and the pacing is off. At times lines seem to almost come on top of one another or feel repeated as the conversation circles. This is clearly a stylistic choice but I’m not sure if its a good one.


Then of course we get giant monsters and robots fighting in the city before night comes, we all go home and the next morning it is like nothing ever happened. Throw in a talking computer and a voice only Yuta can hear and we’ve got a weird mix of mysteries to become more mysterious and normally this would get me super curious but again, its Trigger.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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