Tesla Note Episode 3 – Understanding Dialects and Bullying the Bullies

Tesla Note Episode 3

I'm a little stumped here given Tesla Note went from full on spy thriller to high school drama with spies over the course of one episode. When so many anime pull out their best efforts to avoid an episode 3 drop, Tesla Note just kind of flailed about. Be sure to read the full review.

Tesla Note Episode 2 – Spy vs Spy In A Hunt For Fantastic Crystals

Tesla Note Episode 2 Review

Tesla Note seems to be the anime where the words 'if only' are going to be used so many times to describe it. If only it wasn't so hideous to watch. If only the character running animation didn't make you burst out laughing. If only... Be sure to read the full review.

Tesla Note Episode 1 – Potentially Interesting Story Burdened By Repulsive CG

Tesla episode 1

Tesla Note has the potential to be quite an interesting action or spy story and was kind of giving me Warehouse 13 crossed with James Bond vibes. That said, there's little to excuse the truly ugly animation here. Be sure to read the full review.

Joker Game Series Review – Promising But Doesn’t Quite Deliver

Joker Series Review

When the first two episodes of Joker Game aired, I was instantly hooked by this series. It was different from so many of the other anime around and that I had watched. No teenagers or highschools or magical powers. Just a look at a spy agency in Japan in WW2. Potential dark subject matter but at least something different. It didn't quite live up to expectations, but it was a bit different at least. First posted June 2006.

Release the Spyce Series Review


For a series that started with a splash, this one kind of meandered along. It was never terrible, but it certainly didn't use all its potential which is disappointing to say the least.

Sugar and Spyce and All Things Nice

Release the Spyce Episode Review Title

And Release the Spyce comes to an end. I guess this is nice and full circle but it really isn't overly thrilling.

Things Are Getting Spycy As Time Runs Out

Release the Spyce Episode Review Title

Release the Spyce Episode 11 Review For all that this anime hasn't really gone as well as expected from its premise, I do have to compliment its sound design this week. That was actually a thing of beauty and the whole series has actually had remarkably good sound effects and a pretty awesome soundtrack. However … Continue reading Things Are Getting Spycy As Time Runs Out

The Disastrous Day The Mentor Character Died

Release the Spyce Episode Review Title

Release the Spyce Episode 9 Review: Further proof that every scar comes with an angsty back story as Hanzo shares the story of her mentor with Momo. This week we get the final set up for what I guess will be the climactic confrontation.

Snakes? Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?

Release the Spyce Episode Review Title

Release the Spyce Episode 8 Review: The girls travel to Okinawa to infiltrate a facility guarded by snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Throw in a viking girl and we're in for a fairly interesting episode even if not an overly sensible one.

Why Does Teamwork Serve as an Excellent Story Cornerstone?

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We've all heard the groans, and probably groaned ourselves when an anime pulls out the power or friendship/teamwork finale and characters overcome all obstacles just by working together and recognising each other's strengths and weaknesses. It is a little twee and a lot overdone and when done poorly, groaning is the appropriate response to a trite conclusion. However, and this is a big however, many fantastic and emotionally moving stories continue to embed teamwork as the central concept around which the characters and narrative develop.