Afterlost Anime Series Review

Afterlost Series Review

What greater horror than realising an anime that initially promises potential will not fulfil any of it? Here is Afterlost, a champion at broken promises and fairly dull story-telling.

Fruits Basket 2019 Anime Series Review – Sweet and Warm and Fluffy Viewing

Fruits Basket Series Review

Tohru Honda has undeniably had a hard life and yet she's never lost her smile. Her kindness and love are exactly what the members of the Soma family need as they deal with their own personal demons. As a reboot of a classic series, how does the Fruits Basket 2019 version hold up?

Spring 2019 Anime Final Thoughts


Much like the mid-season, I'm still playing catch up with some titles at the end of the season. That said, with only an episode or two to go on most, I'm pretty sure the ranks aren't going to change at this particular point in time so here are my final thoughts. On Friday, the results … Continue reading Spring 2019 Anime Final Thoughts

Spring 2019 Anime Mid-Season Thoughts


Right, I'm still playing catch-up with some shows this season and other shows I'm only able to watch a week after they air so while it is the mid-season there's still a few shows I'm in the early stages of. That said, I've kind of got a rough idea of each of the shows I'm … Continue reading Spring 2019 Anime Mid-Season Thoughts