Stars Align Anime Series Review

Align Series Review

While there are some truly great moments in Stars Align, the series lacks balance and the pacing doesn't really allow any of its concepts to get the full attention they deserve. Also, ending prematurely, without a follow up season this one seems destined to be forgotten. However, I'll give it points for effort at least.

Stars Align Episode 12 Review

Align Episode 12

Well that's a cliff-hanger finish for you. Admittedly, the match is done and we can see the growth of some characters. Still, there's a lot left open by this final episode of Stars Align. While there's rumour that the director wants the series to return, without confirmation we'll probably have to accept that this is it for now.

Stars Align Episodes 10 + 11 Review

Align Episode 10 11

With apparently only one more episode to go Stars Align is moving through things rapidly and yet has almost zero chance of dealing with all the issues it has heaped onto its own plate. Episodes 10 and 11 are enjoyable and offer some solid moments but the overall pacing and narrative are still suffering.

Stars Align Episode 7 Review

Align Episode 7

Fun episode even if it doesn't quite seem to make sense of its characters. But I guess everything is better when you throw in a barbecue.

Stars Align Episode 6 Review

Align Episode 6

The first practice match against a champion school may be a cliche move for a sports anime but Stars Align at least knows how to put its best foot forward for the characters we've followed so far and how to keep the pace moving. It still ends on a cliff-hanger that was most definitely inevitable.

Stars Align Episode 5 Review

Align Episode 5

The stars nearly did align this week as the episode began fairly solidly. However, by the final trope dropped in the post credits scene a lot of the strength of the episode had dissipated. Still, it is nice to see that episode 5 was trying.

Stars Align Episode 4 Review

Align Episode Review

This week Hoshiai no Sora continues to develop the players in the club as they pair them up differently and let their strengths work together. As usual, underlying that we get some snapshots of the student council, the coaches, and the kid's home lives. The mix continues to work for Stars Align.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 5 Review

Ahiru Episode 5

Wow, they are stretching out this first game forever and that doesn't bode well for future matches. Not to mention the heckling is a little dull and repetitive. Still, there are some shining moments here even if they are buried under a mountain of mundane.