A Special Halloween Top 5: Spirits, Ghosts, and Dead People – With Luminous Mongoose

Luminous Mongoose has had a busy month organising a number of collaborative top 5 lists for the spooky season. I was really happy they asked me to be a part of it, though I definitely struggled with time management (it has been a really busy month). Still, I love Halloween and all things creepy so … Continue reading A Special Halloween Top 5: Spirits, Ghosts, and Dead People – With Luminous Mongoose

Kieli Volume 1 Novel Review: Finding A Place To Be You Is Always Hard

Set on a world colonised long ago and all but out of resources after a devastating war, there's a sense that everything here is coming to an end and the people are just going through the motions of living because there's nothing better to do. From a technological point of view there's a strange mix between old and new as there are weapons and machines left over from by-gone eras that are pretty fantastic, and then there are things more reminiscent of more of the 19th Century. The mix works well to create a world that feels fresh even while a lot of what it presents has been done before.

Spiritpact Series Review

Overview: After living a fairly nothing life Keika dies quite unceremoniously when he's hit by a truck. However that isn't the end as Tanmoku shows up and asks Keika to become his spirit shadow. After a series of narratively convenient events a contract is made and the two are joined but there's still a whole … Continue reading Spiritpact Series Review

Spiritpact Episode 9

Review: There were two or three moments while watching this episode of Spiritpact where I found myself unable to even breathe as I watched the characters in their current struggle. The story hasn't got any more coherent (I barely understand why they are actually fighting at this point), but somewhere along the way I actually … Continue reading Spiritpact Episode 9

Spiritpact Episode 8

Review: I really enjoyed this episode and it feels like the story is going full speed now and the episode title was pretty cool (Turbulence with a Chance of Dilemma). That isn't to say the show isn't without its stumbles. Keika had one of his incredibly stupid moments early in the episode  (I guess these … Continue reading Spiritpact Episode 8

Spiritpact Episode 4

Review: Episode 4 of Spiritpact kind of shows off the best and worst that this series has had to offer. The first third of the episode is decidedly the worst of this show as they showcase Keika being his absolute most idiotic with some poor humour (because why not go for the cliche) and very … Continue reading Spiritpact Episode 4

Spiritpact Episode 3

Review: We finally arrived at Tanmoku's place (mountain) and we meet the extended family and servants who live there including this guy who is clearly just being introduced to become an antagonist in the next couple of episodes. There's no subtlety in this scene at all and while in another show the intra-family tensions might … Continue reading Spiritpact Episode 3

Spiritpact Episode 1

Overview: You Keika is a fortune teller who is very down on his luck and then proceeds to be killed in a traffic accident. Enter Tanmoku Ki who is apparently an exorcist who asks You to form a pact with him. No details given about what the pact actually entails. Review: It's like watching a … Continue reading Spiritpact Episode 1

Cheer Boys Episode 7

Note: Sorry about the late replies to comments. I did not realise I was going to be without internet over the last few days. Hopefully everything is back on track now. Review: Well this episode is certainly an excellent case study on what happens when a team lacks a shared vision. It's kind of hard … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 7

Alderamin on the Sky Episode 6

Review: While from a plot point of view this episode seems weaker (just another obvious set-up for Ikta to show off his amazing brain), the characters and the writing of this anime continue to make for a pleasant viewing experience. The change of location was nice and the interactions between characters, new and old, were … Continue reading Alderamin on the Sky Episode 6