RobiHachi Review Episodes 4 + 5


There's something fishy about the pacing here. Episode 4 Robi and Hachi’s journey this week was a little on the shallow side and I think they knew that. Interspersed with their journey we kept flashing back to the debt collector and his assistants getting a bit of backstory on Robi’s debt and how the other … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episodes 4 + 5

RobiHachi Review Episode 1


What did I just watch? Episode 1 Why hadn’t I heard about this anime? I mean, seriously, I had no idea this existed and I still don’t really have a clue what it is about despite watching the first episode but I know I want more of it. Even the MAL synopsis doesn’t really help … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episode 1

ID-0 First Impressions: Not for me


This one came out on Netflix over the weekend so I thought I'd check it out and maybe binge a couple of episodes. Then I got to the end of episode 1 and figured I had other things to do. Impressions: It should be pretty obvious that it was not love at first sight for … Continue reading ID-0 First Impressions: Not for me

Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2 Series Review

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 46

Overview: Previously I reviewed season 1 of Iron Blooded Orphans so you can check that out here. Season 2 pretty much picks up with Tekkadan trying to make it as a legitimate business but through various business and political maneuvers as well as some poor decision making we see our orphans going back into battle. … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2 Series Review

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 49


Review: Orga's death hits Tekkadan hard but Mikazuki actually takes some initiative, even if he is just using Orga's words to rally the others followed by the blunt threat of violence. I'm not sure if this counts as development or not but it is more proactive than we have seen Mikazuki before. Spoilers below. Someone … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 49

elDLIVE Episode 12


Review: Amazingly enough we didn't get any kind of twist. The spy was Vega. We do get an angsty reason why and in the end we save him but seriously for a season finale having the recently introduced character turn out to be a traitor and call that a wrap on the season is just … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 12

elDLIVE Episode 11


Review: There's actually a half decent set-up in this episode with the villains demanding Chuta get handed over and the spy in elDLIVE (though it seems like it is obvious who that is unless they are just playing us). However, as always, elDLIVE decides to strangle itself by spending the first third of the episode … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 11

elDLIVE Episode 10


Review: For a show that supposedly has only 12 episodes they really aren't making any effort to bring this season to any kind of climax. We get another kind of throw-away investigation of the week episode with some bare minimum character development propped against it in episode 10. And also a random introduction to yet … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 10

Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 46

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 46

Review: Shino's death hits hard (you know, unlike the other half the cast that already died, we actually cared about Shino) and after the dust of the battle settles (or, rather Tekkadan and co scurry away to potential safety) we get the regret, the lamentation and the half-hearted I'm glad you didn't die speeches. Yamagi … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 46

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 45


Review: This episode is essentially the battle that we've been heading towards for quite awhile. Though with so little reason to care given Tekkadan threw themselves willingly into the hopeless conflict, McGillis' plan was pretty much nothing, and given none of the other players have mattered in the slightest, essentially this is just watching bits … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 45