Hitorinoshita Series Review

Overview: Soran's grandfather's grave is disturbed and when he goes to investigate he meets a strange girl with long hair. Then he proceeds to get attacked by a whole bunch of people with powers. I reviewed this week to week so if you want to know about individual episodes click here. Review: Right from the … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Series Review

Hitorinoshita Episode 12

Review: It is very hard to take an episode seriously when it begins with a character being attacked by and then being up a panda. Sorry, but after twenty more minutes of old dying guy telling story I was still stuck on the whole fact that the best way they could show us Houhou toughing … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 12

Hitorinoshita Episode 11

Review: Let's start with a positive: Soran is almost not in this episode after the intro. Why? Because we're flashing back to 1944. Possibly some of what we've just learned will become relevant once the guy in hospital get's to the end of his rambling tale but to be honest I've had just about enough … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 11

Hitorinoshita Episode 10

Review: Just when you think this show might level itself and get on with a story not riddled with idiocy and clichés out comes the 'you know nothing', followed by 'it's probably time to tell you', immediately followed by 'we don't know'. It's so frustrating. And then we listen to people alluding to the fact … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 10

Hitorinoshita Episode 9

Review: Soran's rescue by Houhou continues but doesn't. She fights the guy from last week in a protracted 'but I have this trick' kind of fight and finally she takes off those ridiculous shoes. Kind of glad she weaponises them in the end because otherwise what was the point of wobbling this far. Soran on … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 9

Hitorinoshita Episode 8

Review: So from half-decent to watchable at best. There were some genuinely amusing moments this episode as Houhou infiltrated headquarters looking for Chou Soran but then we kept having to go back to Soran who spent most of the episode being an idiot. He did get to make one touching little monologue about Houhou which … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 8

Hitorinoshita Episode 7

Review: For thirty seconds during this episode I didn't hate Soran as a character. He actually responded to a situation like a human being and was even kind of cool as walked away from Houhou. It was probably the finest moment this series has managed to deliver yet. And was followed by one of the … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 7

Hitorinoshita Episode 6

Review: I've probably said it every week, but Soran is a moron. Other than the initial fight against the zombies he hasn't won a single conflict and yet he still carries on like he's all powerful. And when he finally unleashes his 'full power' this episode it still isn't enough and he has to get … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 6

Hitorinoshita Episode 5

Review: My question from last episode stands: Why would Soran join up with Express Delivery over the other kidnappers when they attack him, beat him up and threaten him? Of course, my other ongoing issue with this series is Soran himself. He continues to waver between towering arrogance and confidence and absolute patheticness with no … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 5