My Roommate is a Cat Series Review – It has a Cat in It, Enough Said

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 2 Cute Moment

When My Roommate is a Cat, or Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue (what a mouthful) premiered, reactions were clearly split. The first episode by its very nature turned part of the audience away which is kind of a shame given this story ends up being one with a lot of heart and a dramatic climax that feels earned.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Haru and Subaru

My trepidation going into My Roommate is a Cat was the slice of life label on it. I’m not the biggest fan. Couple that with the bright yet bland promotional image of all the happy smiling characters and the jumping cat and basically I thought I was going in to something that was going to bore me to tears before I’d just stop watching and walk away.

However, the thing that was annoying a lot of first episode viewers was actually the thing that caught my attention and dragged me into the story.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 11 Subaru

And that was Subaru.

My Roommate is a Cat is more than just a cute cat, it is also Subaru.

As a central character I kind of understand why a lot of viewers didn’t like him and even why a few outright hated him. Another anime character with dead parents. Starting with a funeral sequence to garner sympathy for a character we don’t know or have any reason to care for. And then there was his general attitude. He was rude to his editor and really to everyone in the first episode. So yes, I get why a lot of viewers didn’t like him.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 1 Subaru
Blunt – but given the circumstances potentially justified.

I didn’t like him either. But I understood him and felt a bit of a connection. Subaru is socially awkward and anxious. He doesn’t like interacting with others and when forced out of his comfort zone his defences are up. That comes across as rudeness but is really a self-defence.

I actually blamed the editor in the first episode more than Subaru. When he should know his writer well enough to know that meeting him in a public place was just going to set him on edge. For me the sequence established Subaru’s character beautifully and the underlying issue he was going to need to face and so while I agree that Subaru wasn’t a nice character, I was intrigued from episode one.

Then there was the cat.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 2 Cat on Keyboard
My cat would love to do this but knows the keyboard is an absolute no-go zone.

While Subaru may have been the repellent for a lot of potential viewers, the as yet unnamed stray cat was the lure. Adorable and standing in for every cat everywhere in mannerisms, the eventually named Haru stole the show.

Interestingly enough, when Haru was rude or cagey or defensive people found it adorable and yet Haru and Subaru are literally two of a kind. That’s why the two form such a strong bond as they both grow over the course of the series.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Haru

However, most slice of life anime know these days that you do in fact need some kind of gimmick to keep people watching and clearly My Roommate is a Cat isn’t relying on the cute girl factor, although Nana is kind of cute. No, the gimmick in My Roommate is a Cat is that each episode tells the events twice. Once from the human point of view and then from the view of the cat. Mostly the cat view is a brief few minutes at the end of the episode but some episodes give more time to Haru’s perspective particularly toward the end of the season.


Yes, Haru isn’t just a plot device to inspire Subaru’s character growth. Haru is a fully fledged character in her own right going through her own healing character arc alongside Subaru. While I’ll admit that some of the cat sections added little in some episodes, they were always cute, and at times they did offer some interesting insight and certainly allowed Haru the growth she deserved within the story.


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There’s little more to say about the plot given each episode is just another day for the man and the cat who are now sharing a house. Various events occur, the characters react, learn something and we move on. It is slice of life and it does that well providing some very calm and occasionally amusing viewing.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8

What sets this one apart from so many slice of life anime though is that it did offer a climax that I felt was emotionally rewarding. I’m not going into detail here, but it brings the story of Subaru and dealing with the loss of his parents as well as moving forward to a satisfying conclusion and really consolidates the relationship that has grown between Subaru and Haru throughout the series. I couldn’t have asked for more from the final couple of episodes and just loved it.


Visually it works well enough. I’m not really into the colour scheme being used and it is all just a little bit bland really, but given the subject matter and tone the visuals work well enough for that. The animation for Haru is perfect and I’m sure if you are a cat lover you will see your own cat in her at various points, but there’s a lot of sitting and talking in this anime and a lot of very still sequences with little movement so while the animation works it isn’t exactly awe inspiring.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8 Subaru and Haru

However, I do have to mention the OP. Unknown World is an incredibly infectious song and I found myself happily bobbing along to it most weeks and occasionally even replaying it just because it made me smile. I also really enjoyed the imagery used during the opening as it fit the tone of the show perfectly even if it wasn’t the most exciting ever. I definitely recommend giving the OP a listen to even if you have no interest in My Roommate is a Cat.

Still, for cat lovers this is a must watch. For people who enjoy slice of life anime, this one works well enough. If you are looking for a character who is slowly opening himself up to new experiences and working through issues of social awkwardness and anxiety, there’s plenty to enjoy here. While My Roommate is a Cat is a far from perfect anime, it was a delightful intrusion into the season and ended up being one I looked forward to each week.

Images from: My Roommate is a Cat. Dir. K Suzuki. Zero-G. 2019.

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Senryuu Shoujo Anime Review – Watch out for cavities with this one.


Say It With Senryuu Shoujo

This is going to be a short review, which makes sense given the nature of the anime being reviewed. Senryuu Shoujo is about Nanako, a high school girl who doesn’t speak but communicates by writing poems. Instead of being a story about a lonely girl who is bullied, this is the story of a cheerful girl surrounded by supportive friends and a love interest who seems to enjoy every day.

While there are hints of a dark and lonely past, this isn’t the focus, and really this anime just wants to leave you smiling at the antics of these adorable dorks.

Senryuu Shoujo - Nanako with bed hair

In fairness, it is hard not to smile. I’m not really into slice of life, or comedy, or anime set around high school clubs, and Senryuu Shoujo is all of these things and yet still hit the mark for being cute and fun to watch for me. There was something infectiously charming about the main pair in this story, Nanako and Eiji, and the support cast were stellar as well.

Senryuu Girl - Eiji and Nanako drawing

That isn’t to say this is a slice of life better than any others. As is the case with the genre, the appeal of slice of life is highly subjective. Without a plot driving forward to carry the audience along, it is left to the tone and cast to be the draw and what one person likes and appreciate won’t necessarily work for another. During the Spring Anime season many anime fans loved Hitoribocchi but that was pretty much a swing and a miss for me. Whereas, Senryuu Shoujo seemed somewhat underappreciated given just how sweet it was.

Senryuu Shoujo - Nanako bends her board.


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Visually this one leans heavily toward bright and pastel colours. They suit the tone and the characters just fine but make this one fairly unremarkable in terms of standing out from other similar stories. The exception is for Nanako herself. While her character design is fairly ordinary, there’s something truly striking about her smile and I absolutely loved how her whole face lit up. For a character who never speaks she is incredibly expressive even when not writing her poems.

The many faces of Nanako

On that note, characters who communicate in alternative ways is something of a theme as we also have the art girl in the story that comes in midway. She only communicates through drawing and regularly holds her art book over her face with a cute girl drawn to express whatever the girl wanted to say.

The acceptance these somewhat oddball characters experience in their group is astounding and while it is clear that not everyone in this anime universe is equally nice, all the cast members we spend any time with just take each character as they are.

It isn’t nuanced or subtle but it does add overall to that feeling of sweetness and the idea that this anime just wants you to feel better for having watched it. It isn’t wanting a deep dive into social commentary about ‘normal’ or ‘ableness’ though the themes are definitely there.

Senryuu Shoujo - Art Girl

The one sour note on the cast is probably Nanako’s father who is just a little too over the top. Fortunately the family only feature in a few episodes and generally he’s fine in small doses.


There’s not a lot more to say about this one. Short episodes running around 12 minutes are the perfect length, the tone is very mellow and relaxing, and the characters are super nice and fun to spend time with. While Senryuu Shoujo isn’t about to change the world it is an anime well worth trying if you missed it.

What are you waiting for?

Images from: Senryu Shoujo. Dir. M Jinbo. Connect. 2019.

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How To Keep A Mummy Episode 4: And Without The Star What is Left?


My previous episode reviews have left no doubt that about the only thing How To Keep a Mummy has going for it is the single cutest mummy in existence. So what happens when we get a whole episode with barely any appearances by said mummy because they are introducing the second little character, a child oni (demon)?

How To Keep a Mummy diluted its own winning formula.


The answer is, not much. I didn’t really click with this new character and don’t find him particularly cute. I did enjoy some of Tazuki’s reactions to the oni but basically that was the whole first half. Oni shows up, Tazuki reluctantly lets him in, next morning he kicks him out and bemoans the fact that he’ll come back.

The second half at least has the oni meeting the mummy and that is kind of adorable, but it isn’t quite enough to off-set the rest of the episode.

How To Keep a Mummy

While How to Keep a Mummy wasn’t bad this week, it is just kind of average. And I’ve known from the start that everything about this show is pretty ordinary and it has only been the presence of Mii-Kun that has really elevated it to something I’ve enjoyed. Still, here is hoping that next week goes a bit better or at the very least we have more of the mummy and less of the oni.

Images from: How To Keep a Mummy. Dir. Kaori. 8Bit. 2018

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How To Keep A Mummy Episode 3: The Word Cute Will Not Appear In This Review Even Though Mii-Kun is The Cutest Ever


Another episode of How To Keep a Mummy that seems to know exactly what its strength is and ensures every scene plays to it. However, we’re still kind of left with no plot other than the day to day life of Sora looking after a mummy and instead focusing on particular incidents. While episode 2 was the Mii-Kun went to school this is the Sora get’s sick and then gives it to Mii-Kun episode.


How To Keep a Mummy captures the caring of pets.

We did however finally get introduced to the other person living in the house though it still isn’t clear if Kaede is an older sister, some other relative, or just a random person living in the house. Still, it made for some interesting interaction between human characters taking some of the screen time away from the bandage blob who has completely stolen the spot of my favourite pet or mascot in an anime.


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Live a Live – RPG Game


Okay, other than the general feel good aesthetic that How To Keep a Mummy generates, this is really the usual boy gets sick with cold and needs nursing kind of thing. While there are a few laughs and chuckles along the way, it is a pretty standard episode including the serving of porridge (which apparently requires things to be cut with a knife to make so I’m wondering what the porridge includes and whether I’ve been making it wrong my entire life – probably given it tastes pretty awful when I make it and would be the last thing I’d want to eat when sick).

How To Keep a Mummy

And yet, I’m kind of happy just watching this despite it really not being my usual kind of thing and despite the lack of an overall story (and usually by episode 3 the lack of a story is a death sentence for an anime on my watch list). And look, I made it to the end of this episode review with using that word.

Images from: How To Keep a Mummy. Dir. Kaori. 8Bit. 2018

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Sasaki to Miyano Episode 7 – Past Traumas Losing Their Bite

Sasaki to Miyano episode 7 Review

This week Sasaki to Miyano addresses Miyano’s issues from middle school where he grew tired of people noting his more feminine face. Admittedly, this comes about after his class votes for him to their representative in a cross-dressing competition and could have been handled quite tackily. Instead, in true Sasaki to Miyano fashion, Miyano’s friends rally around him and Miyano slowly realises he doesn’t really object as much as he used to.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 7

Of course, he has other problems still to mull over given he still hasn’t quite worked out how he really feels about Sasaki and whether or not he’s ready to step into his own BL experience. Admittedly, this week did feel like it was starting to stretch this plot thread about as far as they could without it snapping the patience of everyone watching. Episode 6 managed to ride feels and carry through but episode 7 is definitely pushing the limits.

Sasaki to Miyano needs to reach a turning point soon.

Fortunately, salvation came from the will I / won’t I drama as Miyano runs into the girl from middle-school that he had a crush on, and who crushed his tiny ego when she asked him to wear girls’ clothes. Turns out, like most anime romances, this whole trauma was actually a misunderstanding caused by appalling communication skills. She actually wanted to paint him as a model for her art class which is naturally why she just blurted out ‘wear girl’s cloths for a bit’.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 7

Also convenient that her art class just happened to be buying supplies in the same shopping street that Miyano was walking down with Sasaki and that Sasaki just happened to go get a drink at that precise moment. Coincidence is kind of the cornerstone of most romances in the end but the trick is making them not feel too awkwardly shoved in. This one felt a little bit forced.

Though at least middle-school crush and budding art student seemed like a nice person. Sasaki to Miyano is actually genuinely full of nice people. They do have misunderstandings and occasionally nag or make snarky comments to one another, but none of them are mean or malicious for the sake of it. They are all just normal people going about their day with their own concerns and interests and while someone else’s misfortune might amuse them they don’t go out of their way to cause it.

It’s just kind of pleasant to spend time with characters who aren’t petty for the sake of creating artificial drama.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 7

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t individual agendas in Sasaki to Miyano. When Miyano’s friend invites Sasaki to the hospital to meet his girl-friend or to introduce her when she’s released the obvious goal is revealed in his thoughts as he walks away, his girl-friend would love to see BL in real life.

Likewise, Miyano’s middle-school friend has a really interesting reaction after Sasaki hauls Miyano away from their conversation in a fit of jealousy.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 7

I will admit, visually this scene was great. Again, the animation not so much as Sasaki to Miyano skipped over a lot of it. But the way they softened the focus in time with a beating heart and the use of light and colour was just gorgeous.

And again, Sasaki realises he shouldn’t have reacted that way but at the same time it leads to such a cute exchange between the two characters.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 7

I’m really hoping we see more of Miyano’s middle school friend and I’m also hoping they move forward from the confession in the next episode of Sasaki to Miyano.

Images from: Sasaki to Miyano. Dir. S Ishihira. Studio Deen. 2022

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Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6 – Exams and Harder Questions To Answer

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

Sasaki to Miyano is one of those anime where weekly episode reviews aren’t really going to do it justice. Any given episode is a great watch but it isn’t so much about what happens as much as it is about the feels each episode is throwing off. And episode 6 of Sasaki to Miyano, as Miyano ponders (really hard) about his response to Sasaki’s confession, really leans into it being about the feels rather than actual events.

Sasaki to Miyano episode 6

The end result is I could sum up the whole episode by saying the boys go to school, sit exams, and go home from school rinse and repeat and that really doesn’t tell you anything about just how sweet and adorable this episode was.

Sasaki to Miyano either makes you go ‘aw’ or there’s very little to enjoy.

I can’t imagine how watching Sasaki to Miyano is for someone who isn’t totally swept away in waiting to see how the boy’s relationship develops. So little happens outside of their own introspection. Sure Sasaki is studying for exams and has been told he has to score high or else and Miyano has his own exams and his friends babble about their relationships, but all of that is merely the background dressing this week for Miyano to think through how he actually sees Sasaki and whether he can actually consider a relationship with a guy.

Sasaki to miyano Episode 6

And while in some stories this will he / won’t he holding pattern that Miyano has fallen into could get a little tedious, here it just plays out as adorable. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sasaki for his part is as charming as ever. While earlier episodes indicated he might be a little too possessive and eager, here he is most definitely giving Miyano the space he needs to really come to his own answer. That doesn’t mean he isn’t turning on the full charm offensive at various points, but he isn’t pressuring Miyano to rush to a conclusion or continually rubbing the question in his face.

That said, Sasaki to Miyano can’t stay in a holding patter forever so either Miyano is going to make a move, Sasaki is going to get tired of waiting, or a third party is going to intervene (and given I was behind so the next episode is already out, I guess I can just go find out which way this will go).

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

It is odd though that this story has drawn me in the way it has. I’m not the biggest fan of slice of life stories where very little happens, yet for some reason, provided I’m buying into the romance story, I am happy enough for romances to take their time and meander to their conclusions. Sasaki to Miyano isn’t an exciting viewing experience and yet it is one I look forward to each episode.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

The one area it continues to excel in is the use of visuals. That isn’t to say it is an animation masterpiece because it isn’t. In the grand tradition of BL anime this one seems to be on a budget. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to capture the feeling of each scene even if movement is pretty limited.

As we saw in Given, even a staircase can become a familiar and beloved setting if used appropriately and Sasaki to Miyano uses its soft focus and floating triangles and sparkles to amazing emotional effect episode after episode.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

Okay, I’m done babbling about this boy’s love story. I’m enjoying it but I want to know what happens next and I know there’s an episode waiting for me to go watch. If you haven’t tried Sasaki to Miyano this season it is very consistent in its delivery and quality and is actually quite the sweet romance so far.

Images from: Sasaki to Miyano. Dir. S Ishihira. Studio Deen. 2022

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