KADO Episode 7



Once again this show demonstrates it has a firm grasp on reality even while it introduces some fairly fantastical concepts. From the background of local protesters (upset at Kado’s new location) to the businesses making Kado shaped cakes, this show doesn’t seem to want to dwell on any one viewpoint in terms of how the public would respond to the intrusion of a highly advanced visitor. Despite the background noise, a lot of this episode focuses on the reporter and his team who essentially fly up to the cube and request an interview which zaShunina grants. This kind of made me wonder why no one from the media had tried this previously when zaShunina had already made it fairly clear he wanted the world to know what he was up to, but I guess all the military and government groups surrounding the cube had put off a lot of reporters. Still, it seems like this is something that someone would have tried already.

Part of me wonders how much of what happened in the cube actually came out on camera and how the reporters will choose to frame their encounter within the cube. Not to mention, it seems like this new device that eliminates the need for sleep is doing quite a bit more than that and the effect seems variable from person to person. As Shindo puts it:


Very, very curious as to where this will go next particularly with that final conversation for the episode which certainly seems to indicate this peaceful progression is not going to last.

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