Platinum End Episode 1 Review – Heavy-Handed Backstory Leading up to the Looming Battle Royale

Platinum End Episode 1

Post sponsored by Matt Doyle (Author of Ailuros) From the creator of Death Note and Bakuman we now get Platinum End (that is kind of looking like Future Diary). Whether that ends up being a good thing or not will really depend on how this unfolds. That said, while this first episode lacks subtlety there's something quite enjoyable about genre fiction that doesn't feel the need to be self-aware or apologetic. Be sure to read the full review.

Mars Red Series Review – Historical Vampires and Admirable Theatrical Performances

Mars Red Series Review

Mars Red started in a dramatic fashion, drawing viewers into historical japan and building a rich atmosphere. While ultimately this anime wobbled a few times, the viewing experience remained interesting. Be sure to read the full review.