Natsume Yuujinchou Season 6 Episode 9



Natsume returned to its usual episodic formula this week. No returning characters of old, no Reiko flashbacks, just a strange shrine on a hill and a flood inside a building.

Yep, nothing suspicious here.

That said, this isn’t a bad thing as Natsume uses its episodic format to its advantage creating a charming self-contained narrative even as the audience get to enjoy the results of the bonds Natsume has forged with his human friends. Nyanko-Sensei even gets a cute make-over for part of the episode pretending for some reason to be a boar piglet.


Seriously cute. Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode but it is pretty standard Natsume. Then of course we got the preview for next week and it looks like they aren’t going to make us wait for another season to know what Natori is going to do now that he’s suspecting Natsume has something powerful. While it doesn’t give much away I’m now really excited for next week.

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