Shonen Maid Series Review

It only just recently occurred to me that I hadn’t actually done a series wrap up on this anime after finishing it.


Chihiro’s mother dies and he is left alone until Madoka, a relative, shows up to take him in. Not wanting to rely on the kindness of others, Chihiro becomes a live in maid at Madoka’s house and the two of them begin to create a family (of sorts).


While reviewing this show episode to episode, the word that kept coming up was sweet. And it is a sweet show. Everything from the character designs, to the colour palette, the music, the frilly outfits Madoka makes, and the over use of cute animals (be they puppies or kittens) is super sweet.

And there really isn’t a lot else to say.

Chihiro doesn’t grow much as a character throughout this series. He is stubborn and fixed in his ways and while he grows up a little and learns more about Madoka, his essential character remains unchanged. This could be seen as a good thing because at least it isn’t a show about a damaged human being who is instantly healed by a little bit of kindness. Even after his mother’s death, while he certainly has some issues, he is a perfectly functional person (though his cleaning obsession is really excessive).

Likewise Madoka learns more about Chihiro and also seems to grow up a little (though he’s technically already an adult) but otherwise remains who he was all along. And he is a fairly damaged individual but he’s kind of made his peace with that and has ways around situations that push him out of his depth.

It is the interactions between these two characters and the ways they make allowance for the other, while not compromising their core personality, that make the strength of this show. It is interesting just watching them go about their lives (and that’s probably a good thing given very little else happens).

I was disappointed with the ending and felt there was too much left unresolved with Chihiro and the main family and I really want another season to try and get some closure there.

Otherwise, this was a sweet, charming, pleasant and enjoyable watch without too many drama but not a lot of excitement either. A relaxed watch for an afternoon.

What do you think of Shonen Maid?


Shonen Maid Episode 11


It’s getting hard to review this because just saying it is sweet over and over is a little repetitive. So, it is still sweet, but I’m going to offer some criticism this time. Episode 10 brought a real sense of impending drama with the ‘revelation’ of Chihiro’s grandmother (though it was really doubtful anyone didn’t know that given they weren’t really hiding the fact). And yet this week offers little except a little case of the mopes for both Chihiro and Madoka. While I get that the general theme of this show is up-beat (even the dead mother’s advice to Chihiro was that he’d be fine), occasionally allowing characters to actually experience sadness, anger or depression would be a nice change of pace. Still, hard to argue with flower viewing, friends and good food for cheering yourself up.

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Shonen Maid Episode 10


This was probably one of my favourite episodes so far. Not a lot happens other than a grave visit but it feels like a lot of the plot threads and character developments have come together in this episode. It wasn’t as light or amusing as other episodes but took a more serious tone and it left us with little resolution but that was kind of satisfying in itself. It really feels like this story is coming together as we near the end and I’m invested enough in Chihiro and Madoka to actually care where it goes next.

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Shonen Maid Episode 9


What can you say? The show continues to be adorable is illogical. Why you would meet someone for tea and talk with them for a whole afternoon, and discuss meeting again when you haven’t. even asked their name makes no sense. It feels in part like they are wanting to look at the deeper issues underlying the family leading to the end of this series, but it honesty, it is still really just the day to day of the various characters. Chihiro cleans, his friends are silly, Madoka avoids work, and somehow all of them have some wisdom to share with the others and everything ends well. While not as dull as some other shows this season, there really isn’t a whole lot going on other than cute.

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Shonen Maid Episode 8


This episode didn’t really do much of anything. I didn’t dislike it, but I also can’t really think of anything particularly good about it. The characters keep doing what they do and it is still super sweet. We see Chihiro and Madoka learning to ice-skate, celebrating new year’s, and the usual cleaning routine. That’s about it.

I’m really thinking I would enjoy Shonen Maid more once it is done if I just watched it over the space of an afternoon. It would be nice and calming and I’d really enjoy it. One episode at a time I find that very little happens and what does happen is quickly forgotten.

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Spring Overview Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone and I am definitely starting to feel a growing sense of impatience for next season. There are just too many shows this Spring that could disappear and I probably wouldn’t even notice. Those into slice of life, there are actually quite a few sweet titles out at the moment, but unfortunately it isn’t one of my favourite genres and none of the ones out managed to entice me to sticking them out.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below.


I Must Keep Watching

The titles haven’t changed but the order has. For the first time this season Sailor Moon Crystal is not occupying my top spot of things I have to watch.

  1. My Hero Academia
  2. Assassination Classroom
  3. Sailor Moon Crystal

The bottom line is, while Sailor Moon is in no danger of being dropped, this week’s episode when judged on its own merits wasn’t as good and Assassination Classroom or My Hero Academia (my reviews on My Hero Academia should catch up with the show shortly).

These are the three shows I must keep watching but that in itself is telling. One’s a remake, the other is a season 2 of an ongoing show.

The only show I’ve actually picked up this season and fallen in love with is My Hero Academia and even then, unless the ending really nails it, there is definite danger that it could slip into the “That was cute” category of things I enjoyed at the time but don’t think about after. I’m hoping that’s not the case given how clever some of the developments have been but there’s no real guarantee that this is going to end well, or even end at all.


Still On My Radar

I definitely liked Shonen Maid more this week and Asterisk has finally slipped into Not Dropped but Close territory as it butchered the grand finale in terms of any kind of partnership between Ayato and Julis.

  1. Shonen Maid
  2. Bungo Stray Dogs
  3. Kiznaiver

I speculated last week that Kiznaiver might move up to the I Must Keep Watching zone but now I take that back. It isn’t terrible but the few moments of brilliance it has are surrounded by a lot of muck and to be honest it just isn’t finding a stable narrative in amongst the gimmicks. Bungo Stray Dogs however delivered a reasonably impressive episode (captivating enough that I kept persisting in watching it even as I had to continually pause, wait, play with the occasional page reload in order to finish the episode).


Not Dropped But Close

  1. The Asterisk War
  2.  Twin Star Exorcists
  3. Super Lovers
  4. Joker Game
  5. The Lost Village

The Asterisk War has fallen here and that is not a good sign for its future given how little I liked the start of season one. While for awhile I was moderately enjoying the show, now I’m just feeling a little tired of the ‘we love Ayato’ party that just keeps going on to the detriment of Julis’ character.

Twin Star Exorcists continues to be watchable but I’m not sure I’m staying long term. Super Lovers and Joker Game are both watchable and engaging in small doses but if someone asked me for an anime to watch I wouldn’t recommend either one. The Lost Village is just here because it’s a mystery and unfortunately I can’t turn to the last page because it isn’t a book. I guess I’ll just have to watch and see. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.



  1. Rinne
  2. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
  3. Big Order
  4. Flying Witch
  5. Hundred
  6. Cerberus
  7. Re:Zero
  8. Endride

Last week I hoped that would be the end of dropping but I have finally let Rinne go. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch anymore but I won’t be reviewing with any kind of regularity. To be honest, Big Order should move back up to the previous category because I’ve still watched it every week even after ‘dropping it’ and I’ve continued to review. Morbid curiosity maybe, or maybe it is a better show than I’ve given it credit for.

Where are you up to this season and what are you anticipating?

Shonen Maid Episode 7


This week the episode felt a little stronger and the relationship between Chihiro and Madoka got to be explored from a different angle as Madoka came to school as Chihiro’s guardian. Throw in some self-exploration by Chihiro as he tries to determine what he’s interested in being in the future and the whole episode was a lovely character piece that flowed along nicely. That said, other than being sweet there still is limited appeal to this show.

Having come in short of my 100 words, I might also mention that Chihiro’s friends are a little bit intrusive.

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