Null & Peta Episodes 6 + 7 Review

Null Episode 6 7

Following on from Null's emotional efforts to save Peta in episode 5, episodes 6 + 7 raise some serious questions about the nature of the Null's world while also giving us some fun beach moments and then some trouble at the dreaded school. Fairly impressive effort given how short these episodes are.

Null & Peta Episode 5 Review

Null Episode 5

A more serious episode this week as Null confronts just what robot Peta means to her. A direct continuation from last week's episode, these five minutes are pretty heavy compared.

Null & Peta Episode 3 Review

Null Episode 3

Maybe under all the silliness this is actually the story about a lonely girl who has an imaginary friend who happens to be a robot with the personality of her dead sister? Anyway...

Null & Peta Episode 1

Null Episode 1

Null and Peta was not was I expected and with only 5 minutes it isn't doing a lot. Yet, I'll have to say I was at least entertained by this first episode and I'm curious as to what the girl and her robot/sister will do next.