Blue Exorcist Season 1 Series Review

Okay it occurred to me now that the second season of this show has started that I hadn't review season 1. Overview: Rin Okumura and his twin brother Yukio have been raised by Shiro Fujimoto, an eminent priest, so it comes as a shock when Rin discovers their biological father is actually Satan. - From … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Season 1 Series Review

Blue Exorcist Episode 32

Review: I've had a lot of complaints about this second season so far and this episode isn't totally immune from the criticisms that have so far plagued this series. Everyone still needs to have a group chat before doing anything. Yukio has returned to the story but his input so far has been pretty unspectacular. … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 32

Blue Exorcist Episode 28

Review: I shouldn't be surprised that very little is happening at the moment in this show. Season 1 did the exact same thing. Big opening with lots of supernatural menace and action and then highschool playtime and teens figuring out who they are only occasionally broken up by action sequences. Its a weird choice for … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 28