If It’s For My Daughter I’d Even Defeat The Demon Lord Anime Series Review

Daughter Series Review

Latina sure was cute but is that enough to carry a slice of life fantasy series about a human adventurer taking in a demon daughter? After watching If It's For My Daughter I'd Even Defeat The Demon Lord, I'd have to say yes.

Platinum End Review – Halfway Is More Than Enough

Platinum End Review

Post sponsored by Matt Doyle (Author of Ailuros) 12 episodes and the Fall 2021 season done so I am leaving Platinum End here. My final thoughts on this series that came out with much fanfare and ended up being pretty much dead on arrival. Be sure to read the full review.

Mieruko-Chan Review – Ignoring Ghosts And Wishing They’ll Go Away

Mieruko-Chan Anime Series Review

This post is sponsored by Ashley. Mieruko-Chan is a horror-comedy anime that aired in the Fall 2021 Anime Season. While there's definitely some rough edges there's some real charm to this series. Be sure to read the full review.

Gangsta Series Review


Gangsta was one of those anime that was just kind of awesome, if only they'd finished the story. Still, I did enjoy what there was of it.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 1 Series Review – I Love It

snow white with the red hair episode 10

Snow White With The Red Hair is one of those adorable anime I just love. Here's why.

Black Butler: Book of Circus Series Review: Let’s Go To The Circus and Hang Out With Demons and Reapers

black butler book of circus tv animation art book 18

Book of Circus Review: I've previously reviewed Black Butler (loved it) and Black Butler 2 (be gone from my sight). However, I wrote my review of Book of Circus after watching Book of Circus on Crunchyroll and fell in love with Black Butler all over again, which may seem inconsistent as it does a few … Continue reading Black Butler: Book of Circus Series Review: Let’s Go To The Circus and Hang Out With Demons and Reapers

Soul Eater Series Review – A Cool Action Series Let Down By Its Ending


Soul Eater is perhaps one of my favourite anime ever - even with that ending. So what works and what doesn't and why should you give it a go?

Eden of the East Series Review – An Interesting Look At ‘Saving’ A Nation

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Eden of the East is a fun show that at times tries to reach a little further than it can but mostly ends up being interesting to watch. Let me know your thoughts on Eden of the East.

Fruits Basket 2001 Series Review – Cute But Lacking a Conclusion

fruits basket full 1184173

Fruits Basket 2001 is an unfinished story but it is one that will make you laugh, cry and ultimately cringe just a little bit. Tohru is a bundle of fun as she interacts with bishounen boys who transform into animal for reasons that won't really be explained until the reboot in 2019.

Shion no Ou Series Review


Shion no Ou is a slow burn but the murder mystery is nicely rewarding and there are some great characters to meet along the way. Be sure to read the full review.