Taboo Tattoo Series Review

Overview: Seigi is an ordinary teenage boy in Japan (who is of course trained in martial arts) who is given a tattoo that has some mystic powers and then gets caught up in a battle between nations that may or may not have world ending consequences. Review: If you followed my week to week posts … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Series Review

Taboo Tattoo Episode 12

Review: This is going to be difficult. Let's just go straight to the end and skip over the absolute non-sense of Seigi being dragged out of the cave, the cave being blown up by the Princess having a tantrum after Izzy landed a hit, Seigi jumping out of a helicopter and somehow catching a falling … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 12

Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

Review: More people died. Some of them you may even remember the names of. Most likely not though. There's an extended duel between Cal and Seigi (which BB is kind of part of due to ghostly presence) and that's probably the best part of the episode. Even then, it's pretty ordinary. And then we blow … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

Taboo Tattoo Episode 9

Review: Whole episode recalling BB's past exploits. I can't say this was a bad turn of events because at least the story presented this episode made sense and BB is a far more compelling character than Seigi, however this means that the actual plot has ground to a complete and total halt. Though given the … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 9

Taboo Tattoo Episode 7

Review: I'm definitely thinking that I need to do a comparison post of Taboo Tattoo with something else. This week it tries to bring the characters some pain, but unlike D Gray Man or Tokyo Ghoul where my heart genuinely moves for the characters and I await with my breath caught in my throat to … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 7

Taboo Tattoo Episode 6

Review: This episode was not a train wreck. That isn't to say it was good, but as an episode it was actually pretty functional. Yes, there is a totally unnecessary Princess-groping-lacking sequence but ignoring that we actually got a reasonable story with Seigi and some guy name either BB or Blood infiltrating a facility, BB … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 6

Taboo Tattoo Episode 5

Review: So this show kind of sucks but I haven't dropped it. This week, in addition to an overly extended fight sequence that relies more on spectacle than actual combat, we get some fairly off-putting remarks directed as Izzy before Princess whats-her-name shows up and kisses Seigi, Schrödinger, and then drops a few major plot … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 5