Summer 2019 Anime – The Halfway Mark

We are checking in with the Summer Anime season again and which shows am I watching, what have I dropped, and which shows am I loving? Here are my thoughts on the season so far and I'd love to know what you've taken from the season so far.

Summer 2019 Anime – First Quarter

Hi all and welcome to the first check in for the Summer Anime season. I've decided that with mos anime going around 12 episodes that checking in after 3 episodes seems like a reasonable way to go about the season. I am watching a lot this season including shows I'm not actually reviewing because there … Continue reading Summer 2019 Anime – First Quarter

Vote For The Best Anime of The Winter 2019 Season

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 9

It is that time of season again. Time to vote for your favourite show of the season. Take a look at the poll, pick your top three and vote. Don't see a title, write it in.

Last Day: Vote on the Best and Worst Anime of the Season

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 13 Rimuru

It is time to vote and the best and worst of the Autumn season for the reader's poll on 100 Word Anime. The poll closes December 29 so be sure to get your vote in and share the word.

Cells at Work Series Review: They Are The Cutest Anthropomorphic Blood Cells You’ve Ever Seen

Cells at Work Episode 7

There was no denying that Cells at Work made a splash last season with its cute and boppy opening song, adorable cast of characters (including the unbeatable-in-the-cute-department platelets), and its weird mix of education and entertainment. This was an anime that caught a lot of the community by surprise and week after week it primarily delivered solid fun and cuteness.

Get Your Tomatoes Ready Because Here We Have the Worst Anime of the Summer 2018 Season

If you missed it, earlier today the best of the season came out so if you would rather celebrate the successes of the season than wallow in, or jeer at, the misfires I recommend you check it out. In the meantime, a reminder that worst anime of the season is still an anime good enough … Continue reading Get Your Tomatoes Ready Because Here We Have the Worst Anime of the Summer 2018 Season