Best of Winter 2018

Welcome to the Best of Winter 2018 post where we look back on and celebrate everything great about the last season in anime. While we always find things to criticise and nitpick, it is important to remember the great things that anime gives us each season (which would be why we all keep watching season … Continue reading Best of Winter 2018


Worst of Winter 2018

First of all, I am going to re-explain that 'Worst of' is probably a misleading title for these given this is the worst of the anime I actually watched and when I ask people to vote for their 'worst' anime I ask them to vote for the worst one that they didn't drop. What that … Continue reading Worst of Winter 2018

Winter 2018 Week 12

And this is more or less the final week. There are a few anime still to wrap up and I will do my best and worst of the season post sometime next week, but this is the last overview for this season. I am looking to change the format of these next season though I'm … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 12

Winter 2018 Week 11

Week 11 has come and gone and left in its wake some bitter feelings (Kokkoku) and some more promising moments (DamePri). That said, some shows maintain their solid quality (March Comes in Like a Lion) whereas other titles maintain their general lack of anything all that praise worthy (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody). … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 11

Winter 2018 Week 10

Another week of the anime season passes us by and we're now close to the end. Earlier today I opened the polls for best and worst of the season. If you missed it, be sure to check them out and to vote for your favourite and least favourite shows of the season. In the meantime … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 10

Winter 2018 Week 9

Another week gone and we're closing in on the final leg of the Winter Anime season, which means next week I need to actually start the poll for favourite show of the season. I'm pretty sure I know what is going to win, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't on my watch list, but that's … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 9

Winter 2018 Week 8

And week 8 draws to a close with the weaker shows crumbling under their own weaknesses and the stronger shows consolidating what they do well. Yes, we are turning into the final part of the season and while some shows will continue on, many of these will soon be wrapping up. Which leads me to … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 8

Winter 2018 Week 7

Week 7 is an odd week for anime seasons. It is usually at this point that I experience buyer's remorse (or rather, watcher's remorse) when I think about the titles I might have picked up and some of the ones I did keep on my watch list that maybe I should have let go. That … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 7

Winter 2018 Week 6

Welcome to week 6 where we start getting serious about whether or not I made wise choices earlier in the season with what to watch and what to drop. The answer, as it is most seasons, is a little bit of both. Some shows have far exceeded expectations while others are just kind of plodding … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 6

Winter 2018 Week 5

Week 5 and I suffered from hearing the news that March Comes in Like a Lion is apparently not airing while the Winter Olympics are on. That is not good news. However, otherwise the season seems to be rolling along more or less as expected.┬áCurious this week as to who is shaping up to be … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 5