Winter 2018 Week 1

Right, so welcome to the first official week of the winter season, though there are some shows still to come. We are getting closer to the end of the count down so stay tuned for that one and next week I'll be contacting patrons to choose the show that will end up being a patron … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 1


Winter 2018 Week 0

Another season in anime has begun. It is odd that I am starting to get used to writing about Winter in the middle of Summer and at times I forget it isn't actually Winter but just the Winter anime season. Still, a few changes for Winter 2018. Firstly, my overview post will now come out … Continue reading Winter 2018 Week 0

Autumn 2017 Final

This is the final post of the overview of the season before we move into the Winter 2018 season, though a number of shows will carry over this time. As a result, I'm just giving the list order and the link to the episode reviews. Given many shows already finished last week, I'm not going … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Final

Autumn 2017 Week 12

And now we see the season trickle to a close and say farewell to some pretty good shows, though some are carrying over into the next season and others still have an episode or two to go. It has been a great way to end the year and I'm bringing my first complete year of … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 12

Autumn 2017 Week 11

Welcome to week 11 and we are nearing the final episodes of most shows (or the halfway point of a couple). Autumn has been an excellent season for anime watching and I'm almost sad to see it end but I'm also really excited to see how some of these shows wrap up. As always, I'd … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 11

Spring 2017 – Best and Worst Vote Reminder

Last week I asked what you thought the best and worst of the spring season was. If you haven't cast your vote yet, or if you are still waiting on shows to finish, here's the poll again. Please share it as the more votes the better for knowing what the readers are really thinking.   … Continue reading Spring 2017 – Best and Worst Vote Reminder

Autumn 2016 Week 13

This is my last overview for Autumn. Though I don't think many of the Winter shows are starting straight up so not sure what next week will bring yet. Anyway, this is my final list and tomorrow I've got my reflection post with the best and worst for the year as well as the result … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 13

Autumn 2016 Week 12

This is pretty much it. Some shows have wrapped and others are on their way to final episodes. A handful of shows will continue on. I'll have one more Autumn overview and then I'll start thinking about my final thoughts on the season and what I'm going to watch next. Feel free to share your … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 12

Summer 2016 Week 12

So here we are in the last weeks of the summer anime season. Some shows will be wrapping and others still have a week or two to go. That said, I am starting to check out the upcoming shows to see what I'll be following in the Autumn Season (it is still weird reversing the … Continue reading Summer 2016 Week 12

Summer 2016 Week 5

Yay! We've made it to week 5. Our shows are hitting that mid-way point that always begins to show which ones are not built on a solid foundation as flashy opening sequences fade away and actual characterisation and plot take hold. There definitely hasn't been much movement on my list this week. Before I get … Continue reading Summer 2016 Week 5