Autumn 2017 Week 4

If you missed it, my review schedule is up on my patreon site, though I will admit there is still plenty of movement going on this season. That is probably because of the sheer number of shows that have caught my interest and last season I'd have watched them just to have something kind of … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 4

Autumn 2017 Week 1

I don't know about everyone else but I am super excited to start a new anime season. While there were some shows that grabbed my interest last season, they were kind of few and far between and so I ended up watching shows that I might have otherwise passed on. Not the most satisfying viewing … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 1

Spring 2017 Week 11

This is my final Spring List though I will be posting the results of my polls when I get back at the end of July. If you haven't voted yet for what you think the best and worst of the season have been, the links are at the bottom of this post. The vote for … Continue reading Spring 2017 Week 11

Spring 2017 Week 10

We're getting close to the end for some of these shows and I'd love to know which ending you are most looking forward to. For me, I'm actually just kind of sad that I'm going to have to wait on some of the endings because I may or may not get to see them while … Continue reading Spring 2017 Week 10

Spring 2017 Week 9

Alright, I wasn't crazily looking forward to all the sequel seasons that came out this Spring but most of these have actually turned out to be pretty cool so it has made this season of sequels actually pretty fun to watch. I can't say the same this week for a lot of the shows in … Continue reading Spring 2017 Week 9

Winter 2017 Week 4

Week 4, and Fuuka has been dropped but I'm not sure if I'm replacing it with something else or whether I'm just going to leave it be for this season. Another fun week in anime viewing and this week also saw my reflections on January and I'm currently reviewing (very slowly) Killing Stalking (we'll see … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 4

Autumn 2016 Week 1

So week 1 of the new season and I still haven't determined exactly what I'm going to be following but I've tried a lot of things. I'm also thinking of reformatting my overviews each week anyway (or at least finding some new images for my categories). I'll figure it out in by week 3 at … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 1