Tuesday’s Top 5: Visually Appealing Anime Titles

Tuesday's Top 5

I’ve recently noticed that some anime have had some really interesting title images and thinking back I felt this list really did need an update. Not that the original titles on the list are in any way bad, just not so sure some of them hold up visually if I take away the nostalgia lens. So, here is the updated list of visually appealing anime titles. As always though, I would love to know what your choices would be so please leave us a comment below.

Please Note – Probably no spoilers this week.

Honourable mentions go to:

Vampire Knight and Tsubasa Chronicles and 91 Days.

Removed from the list: 

Evangelion – previously at number 3. I’m kind of sad about this one because the Evangelion title is actually really visually distinct and I certainly have very fond memories of it. However, looking at it now, it just doesn’t hold up to the others on the list.


Attack on Titan – previously at number 2. As gorgeous as the image is and as iconic as the opening scene is, just looking at the title itself, this one really doesn’t hold up and needs to come off the list.


Another – Previously at number 4. Another still totally fits the anime but again, it just can’t compare with some of the new titles I’ve added to the list so it had to come off. Still, it is a brilliant and simplistic title that serves its anime well.


Number 5: Darling in the Franxx


Okay, I have a lot of issues with the Darling in the Franxx anime but the title isn’t one of them. Actually, the whole OP is pretty spot on even if it feels a trifle wasted on the anime it is attached to. It is full of iconic moments and visuals and the title itself really does an excellent job of getting you interested in the show. If only the show managed to be good enough to deserve it.

Number 4: Sailor Moon (1990’s)


Alright, it doesn’t look like much these days but back when I first saw this anime the opening song and the final shot with the girls striking a pose behind the title really left an impression. You have the main cast, including the cats (even before all the characters were introduced so you knew who was coming), you’ve got the crescent moon in both the sky and behind the title, you have the love heart over the I, and the weird spot light on the scouts with the rest of the background detail left kind of hazy but still quite pretty. By my tastes today, I probably wouldn’t think too much of this title, but the lingering impression it left forced me to concede this title serves an absolute purpose in appealing to the target audience of the show so it deserved a place on my list.

Number 3: Bleach


This title used to be number one and in terms of nostalgia is still my number one (even over sailor moon). Why? Because it absolutely screams what the show is, which is larger than life. More importantly, this basic text title with it’s red, white and blue colour scheme is recognisable and stands out from the crowd. The flames out the side frame it perfectly. The whole thing is fun and not taking itself overly seriously while at the same time making you feel there’s something more to it.

Bleach actually gets a double hit here because in addition to the series title being iconic every single episode gets it’s own eye-catching thematically appropriate episode title screen. Preparing you for the episode to come in both subject matter and tone (even if you don’t get it when you see it at the start of the episode by the end you’ll know exactly why the title looked like that). I still haven’t done that top 5 list of Bleach episode titles and I really need to get on it.


Number 2: Voice of Fox

Fox Title Screen

This really impressed me (for what it was) during the Autumn season. While it isn’t going to go on a best of the season list any time soon, there’s something quite enjoyable about it. However, the episode title is what really stood out to me as it really captures the spirit of the show and is incredibly iconic. You can get a fair idea of the emotions and ideas in the show just by looking at that title and the small details such as the flower in the centre, the use of limited colours, and everything else about that title screen just works.

Number 1: Banana Fish


The text doesn’t get more basic than bold, black capital, however the words aligned beautifully with the water and the cityscape is visually compelling and there is no doubt that this was the title I most clearly remember of all the more recent anime and the one that I recognise the quickest when I see it. Not to mention, it lays the scene for the story and draws you straight back into the world of Ash and to be honest it is a fantastic title screen. Again, it doesn’t need to be complicated to be memorable.

Alright, over to you. What anime titles have grabbed your attention?

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