Sagrada Reset Episode 11



I was 99.9% sure that at the end of this episode I was going to drop the show. Dead girl is no longer dead, I have no further investment in the characters or mystery, and now we’re kind of getting a filler episode following the apparently human character who is making most toasters look like they have a personality. Actually, I’m sure my toaster has more personality. Although worst of all is probably the absence of Asai Kei. While he isn’t the most dynamic character ever, his presence in this show keeps things kind of clicking over and without him we really are just stuck looking at sleeping cats and buying ice-cream.


So why am I not declaring this show dead boring and being done with it? Because I stupidly watched the preview and once again it looks like things might become interesting. Why I would believe that when this show has squandered almost every chance it has had at being interesting is an interesting question and one that I’m sure I’ll come back to in a few week’s time. For now though, despite going on a break very soon, I’ll probably continue with this show into the next season which means I’ll catch up on episode reviews after my break. Either that or announce that I’ve officially dropped it.

Sagrada Reset is available on AnimeLab.

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