Null & Peta Episode 2 Review

So this one seems to be settling into the standard gag of the week kind of plot. Which makes sense given Null & Peta only has five minutes to play with.


Dr Stone Episode 15 Review

So they threw yet another curve ball at us before the end of the tournament but we have finally gotten to curing Ruri. I have to admit it is deeply satisfying seeing all of the pieces coming together here.

Kanata no Astra Anime Series Review

Astra Lost in Space kind of came out of nowhere and it did not take long before I was hooked. This one is a reasonable story told well and despite some flaws it was a solid adventure to go on. Be sure to read the full review.

Null & Peta Episode 1

Null and Peta was not was I expected and with only 5 minutes it isn't doing a lot. Yet, I'll have to say I was at least entertained by this first episode and I'm curious as to what the girl and her robot/sister will do next.

Dr Stone Review Episode 13

It is finally time for the tournament in Dr Stone and the gang are already to go. There's a lot riding on the outcome and Senku and the others aren't above trying to turn things in their favour yet the draw ends up the worst it possibly could for them. It is another round of amazing facial expressions this week in Dr Stone.

Dr Stone Review Episode 12

Senku and Chrome are playing a dangerous game this week as they go collecting ingredients in a dangerous region. As Senku points out, this isn't the time for trial and error given an error will mean death. Still, given the kind of show Dr Stone has been, I don't think many of us were all that worried for their safety.

Dr Stone Review Episode 11

A case of mistaken identity ends poorly for Gen - fortunately for Senku and the others he's all about being sneaky. Throw in some backstory on why Kohaku is disowned and we've got a pretty fun episode of Dr Stone.