Kanata no Astra Review Episode 8

There's something about a show that is great that makes it even more precarious than just being average. Great leads to expectations which means when you get something that is still pretty good but not great, you suddenly feel cheated or disappointed. Episode 8 of Kanata no Astra kind of has that effect. That said, it is still one of the stand out anime of the season and it didn't actually become terrible. It just didn't quite live up to the expectations of the cliffhanger from episode 7.

Kanata no Astra Review Episode 7

Astra, Lost in Space has been a brilliant watch so far and episode 7 continues the journey with great tension, some awesome character moments, and an interesting planet that might really just kill these kids. If you aren't watching this show you definitely need to see if you have access because it is a highly entertaining ride.

Dr Stone Review Episode 6

There's some real progress this week as we move beyond the first major crisis their 'civilisation' has faced. Dr Stone gives us a Taiju reminder of the reason for the title and then gets down to business introducing another new character and opening up multiple possibilities for the future.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 6

Right, we aren't at the end of the season yet which means this could all go pear shaped and fall apart (looking at KADO that had 5 great episodes and then collapsed under its own weight and started digging a hole). Still, Astra Lost in Space shows it has some impressive narrative sense this week and we get some real dramatic tension, nice character reveals, and very pretty visuals.

Dr Stone Review Episode 5

For someone supposedly so smart I can't help but think Senku's actions and plan here was pretty stupid. And that was enough to make this episode of Dr Stone a somewhat less than thrilling experience this week as I thought of all the ways the plan could have, and should have, gone wrong. Fortunately there is some light at the end of the tunnel: Yuzuriha finally did more than be the damsel in distress.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 5

Suspicions and Paradise Astra Lost in Space Episode 5 There are bombshells aplenty about to rain down upon the viewers in episode 5 of Astra Lost in Space. A fair warning now that there will be spoilers below. The kids leave the mushroom planet having finally found a food source in the killer mushroom tree … Continue reading Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 5

Politics in Space

One of the many amazing things about stories, and anime in general, is its ability to explore ideas and possibilities that may or may not ever exist. Science Fiction in particular delves into the realm of what may be possible as well as the problems and consequences that come about with technological development. Which is … Continue reading Politics in Space

Dr Stone Review Episode 4

I really wish I liked this anime more. It is very pretty and nicely made and yet... Okay, there's definitely moments in this anime that I'm enjoying and it isn't as though I'm going to drop it, however four episodes in and I'm still feeling like we're at the very early stages of this story.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 4

Exploring a new planet can be dangerous as our group of would be space campers are about to find out. Astra Lost in Space finds a new way to try to kill off its cast.