Dr Stone Episodes 21 + 22 Review

Scientific inventions, hard work, and Christmas lights come together in this pair of episode as Ishigami Village continues to rush technological advancement in order to prepare for the coming conflict. As usual, the cast carry the show and there's plenty to enjoy in this pair of episodes.


Null & Peta Episodes 6 + 7 Review

Following on from Null's emotional efforts to save Peta in episode 5, episodes 6 + 7 raise some serious questions about the nature of the Null's world while also giving us some fun beach moments and then some trouble at the dreaded school. Fairly impressive effort given how short these episodes are.

Dr Stone Episode 19 Review

All things considered, the inhabitants of Ishigami village take their village burning down surprisingly in-stride this week in Dr Stone. While last week was pleasantly surprising, this week while interesting felt like it was on hold and trying to help us get to a specific end point at a specific time. Still, there were some good moments to be found.

Null & Peta Episode 5 Review

A more serious episode this week as Null confronts just what robot Peta means to her. A direct continuation from last week's episode, these five minutes are pretty heavy compared.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 1 Review

I'm So Confused When I saw that there was a Phantasy Star Online 2 coming out this season I was confused to begin with. Hadn't I reviewed that back when I first started the blog and was pretending I could write reviews at only 100 words? Also, when I still thought Phantasy Star Online 2 … Continue reading Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 1 Review

Dr Stone Episode 17 Review

This week it is all about taking risks and betting on a chance of survival. As Byakuya's story comes to an end we see the gift he left for Senku.

Null & Peta Episode 3 Review

Maybe under all the silliness this is actually the story about a lonely girl who has an imaginary friend who happens to be a robot with the personality of her dead sister? Anyway...