Say I Love You Series Review

Say I Love You Mai and Yamato

Say I Love You Series Review - It's the story of a girl who has no friends and wants none. It's the story of a boy who finds her interesting and falls in love. It's the story of what happens next and the way the two will change one another and the people around them.


Friday’s Feature: Reality in Romance

Victor - Yuri on Ice

With the Spring 2017 anime season wrapping up it is inevitable that a lot of people would be reviewing and discussing Tsuki ga Kirei. Overwhelmingly the reviews are positive and what I keep hearing again and again is how sweet the romance is, how pure it is, and how relatable and real it feels. It … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Reality in Romance

Friday’s Feature: On Bad Romance in Anime

Last week I looked at some of the common elements of anime romances from the positive point of view. This week I want to look at some of the more problematic aspects of anime romance that seem to crop up again and again from personalities to full on stalking and imprisonment. As always I'd love … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: On Bad Romance in Anime