Sanrio Boys Episode 4: If The Boys Had Been In Middle-School, This Story-line Might Have Worked.


Before I get into the review, a reminder that last night was the special blog announcement. If you missed it, be sure to check out this post.


While the copious Hello Kitty product placement throughout this episode actually worked in well with the story despite being blatant advertising, the story itself fell flat on its face. High school boy doesn’t realise soccer is a team sport and now the team are upset with him? It really is a heavy handed and somewhat ridiculous attemptĀ  at giving this character is turn at an angst filled back story only the whole thing comes off as pretty trite and he just ends up looking that little bit pathetic.


Even the childhood flashbacks don’t do much to help the story along as it just makes you realise how much better this story would have worked for a younger character set.


All and all, that’s two episodes in a row where this show has missed its emotional mark. One more and I think this one will hit the dropped list.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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