Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters from 2016

2016 was a great year for anime and while I don't really ever intend just to do a list of top 5 characters ever I kind of feel I can pick a favourite from a single year. Much like my reflections post, this one is entirely my own opinion so feel free to add your … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters from 2016


Reflections on Anime in 2016 – The Best and The Worst of the Year (in my opinion)

It's the first day of the year so let's look back at the year that was. I know that at the end of Summer I did my first reflection post looking back at the anime I'd watched and  I purposefully left D Gray Man and Sailor Moon Crystal 3 off the lists because nostalgia was … Continue reading Reflections on Anime in 2016 – The Best and The Worst of the Year (in my opinion)

2016 Reflection

Okay, with the Winter, Spring and Summer anime seasons more or less done and dusted, I felt it was a good time to look at my favourite anime for the year. I'll do my final best of 2016 list after the Autumn season concludes. I'm going to point out that Sailor Moon Crystal and D … Continue reading 2016 Reflection

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Series Review

Overview: Chibi-Usa is training as a sailor scout and a whole new threat has appeared before the scouts. That and the mysterious figures that may or may not be allies has Usagi all confused. Between fighting the forces of darkness, visions of the end of the world, and end of year exams, the scouts have … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Series Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39

Okay, it's a week late but here we go. Review: This final episode of season 3 is everything it needs to be and not one thing more. It effectively ends the bad guy (though Sailor Moon herself had much less to do with that than you might expect - go Saturn and Pluto combo), the … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 38

Review: Definitely Spoilers Well, I didn't expect Sailor Moon to go for a suicide attack, but as we all know death isn't going to stop her from popping up again later. That's probably the downfall of the show. Sailor Saturn makes her long anticipated appearance despite Hotaru's apparent death last week and all and all … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 38

Spring Overview Week 11

Week 11 kind of fizzled and has slunk away quietly. Super Lovers is finished and other shows are wrapping. At this late stage in the season there hasn't been much movement on the list. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below. I Must Keep Watching Here we go again. … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 11

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37

Review: Okay, I cried a little. After the ho-humness of the last two episodes, this battle really brought everything to where it needed to be and while I'm annoyed and where the episode ended I liked that they didn't rush through any sections this episode and just gave us time to take in the events. … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37

Spring Overview Week 10

Week 10 has actually been quite entertaining as all the shows are starting to charging toward the finish line (or are busily in the process of self-destruction which is also kind of entertaining). I added my first list this week and was really happy with the discussion that generated, so thanks to everyone who read … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 10

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36

Review: Picking up where we left off, the scouts continue to look for Hotaru and their enemies. The inner scouts go up the building while the outer scouts go down to the basement with Sailor Moon. You just know this is going to end badly for the inner scouts but you won't see much of … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36