Top 5 Anime I’d Love To Play If They Were An RPG

Tuesday's Top 5

It is fairly accepted these days that games inspire movies, TV shows, and anime and a lot of these aren't great. It also is fairly well accepted that popular shows and franchises might get a game spin-off but usually these are pretty much pandering to fans of the source and while some of these games … Continue reading Top 5 Anime I’d Love To Play If They Were An RPG

Baldur’s Gate 2 Update

I only recently did a post about what I was playing recently but this weekend (while trying to unwind and de-stress) I had a novel experience. If you've never played Baldur's Gate then you probably don't know that in the game you assemble a party as you wander about and you can change party members … Continue reading Baldur’s Gate 2 Update

Bastion Game Review: Short and Sweet

About two weeks ago I put up my first impressions of this game. Now I've completed the story mode, what are my final thoughts on the game? Review: Because I've already done my basic impressions of the game, I'm going to put this in a straight plus/minus format. I will admit that even though I … Continue reading Bastion Game Review: Short and Sweet

Initial Thoughts on Bastion

Before I went on a bit of a break, Steam was having a sale (a fact that pretty much everyone on Twitter kept reminding me about so against my better judgement I checked it out). One of the many games I picked up during the sale was Bastion. A game I'd watched many people play … Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Bastion

Sword Art Online Season 1 Series Review

Before I get into the review today, I just want to have a minor celebration as this is my 150th anime series review (admittedly, I am counting the SAO abridged series review that I did so maybe this is actually review 149). Whichever way, I was tossing up between SAO and Psycho Pass but I … Continue reading Sword Art Online Season 1 Series Review

FFX Thoughts on Replay

There's this thing about replaying an old game where you suddenly notice everything that was wrong with it originally that you didn't notice the first time (or overlooked) because at the time it was amazingly gorgeous and the story was fresh. But when you know the plot, every plot twist, and the graphics no longer … Continue reading FFX Thoughts on Replay

Final Fantasy X Remastered Impressions

Yep, it's impressions on a game because March Comes in Like a Lion didn't have an episode this week. I first played this on the playstation 2 quite a long time ago so I was kind of excited to see it available on Steam apparently remastered. I'm not very far into my play through at … Continue reading Final Fantasy X Remastered Impressions