Yuri on Ice Episode 11

Review: That was incredibly nail biting, exhilarating, beautiful, and wow  do they know how to keep emotions running high throughout. It might be a bit predictable with Yuri not performing perfectly in the short routine and JJ taking a bit of a stumble. If Yuri had been brilliant again in his short skate there wouldn't … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 11

Yuri on Ice Episode 6

Review: Do you like ice skating? Is that why you are watching Yuri on Ice? If yes, then this is the episode for you. Let's watch all the skaters and their routines (and yes they are amazing and the music is great and I loved it but for the non-ice skating fans watching this show … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 6

Yuri On Ice Episode 5

Victor - Formal Wear

Review: Yuri on Ice spends a lot of this episode in competition so gear up for watching lots of ice skating routines. Normally I'd find that a negative in a show and its one of the reasons I avoid sport related anime in the first place. But... I like watching ice skating. It's one of … Continue reading Yuri On Ice Episode 5

Cheer Boys Episode 10

Review: I think they made some smart decisions this week with the focus on the characters prior to and after their qualifying performance and leaving out lengthy scenes of various teams performing. We've seen enough cheerleading throughout this show to know what is happening and this way the story kept up its pace and didn't … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 10