Up Close With Yamato Kurosawa (Say I Love You)

Continuing my theme in February of male romantic leads, this week I turn my attention to Yamato Kurosawa from Say I Love You. And if you've read previous posts about this on my blog, you know I am not the biggest fan of him.


When In Doubt, Just Pile On More Characters and Stir

Domestic Girlfriend Post Title Image

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 6 Review - Last week we added Momo to the already over-crowded list of potential love interests for Natsuo. This week we add a male teacher (who is probably more teasing than serious) and a member of the school's literature club. Were they actually needed? Not so sure.

Top 5 Anime Confessions

Tuesday's Top 5

This week I'm counting down my top 5 anime confessions of all time. That heart stopping moment where the character finally admits how they feel has been used so many times and yet it never stops being such a great moment in a show. What are some of your favourite anime confessions?

The Battleground of Love Advice, Volleyball and Umbrellas

Kaguya Sama: Love is War Post Title

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 5 Review - We start with Shinomiya trying to give love advice being bailed out by Fujiwara. We then move on to Shirogane trying to play volleyball, being bailed out by Fujiwara. Lastly a petty contest over sharing an umbrella, mercifully ended by Fujiwara. I know who the best character of this anime is.