Dance With Devils Series Review

Overview: Have you ever wanted an anime musical? Not an anime with a character who wants to be an idol and occasionally performs, but an anime where the cast just burst into song and dance? Well look no further because Dance With Devils takes a typical supernatural harem show and adds music. Review (a few … Continue reading Dance With Devils Series Review

Loveless Series Review

Overview: Loveless follows 12 year-old Ritsuka as he starts in a new school, makes some friends and runs into a college student, Soubi, who claims to have been a friend of his now deceased older brother. However, Soubi then reveals more information about Ritsuka and his brother and soon Ritsuka finds himself paired with Soubi … Continue reading Loveless Series Review

Words of Wisdom

This week, three more anime characters spread the wisdom of anime logic. There's definitely a slightly darker tone this week so I'll try and find something a bit more cheery for the next entry. Right, so Ritsuka is a little heartless but you have to admit he has a point. No tact, but a point. … Continue reading Words of Wisdom