Momokuri Episodes 19 + 20

Review: Momokuri delivered a solid episode this week, which surprised me because when I saw it was a festival episode I expected everything to just kind of generically run along. Instead we got an episode that made significant advances in Momotsuki's and Kurihara's relationship, including Kurihara finally telling Momotsuki most of the truth about her … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 19 + 20

Momokuri Episodes 11 + 12

Review: Each week this show delivers a pleasant little story but it isn't doing anything particularly noteworthy. This week Momotsuki and Kurihara go to a festival, get separated, and then find each (with some help from Rio). There's a few other things happening but mostly that's it. Momotsuki continues to be plagued by various self-doubts … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 11 + 12