Island Episodes 1 + 2: Amnesiac Protagonist Alert

What makes for a better mystery than a guy washing up on an island without a memory and then finding himself caught up in some ancient island legend? Probably lots of things but here we go for island.


I’m really glad I watched both episodes of this together. The first episode is intriguing enough but really doesn’t do much other than have ‘Setsuna’ walk around and meet the various characters who will probably be important later. He thinks he’s from the future but doesn’t really remember and even the name Setsuna is a name he remembers but he isn’t sure if it is him. Of course all the people he’s meeting are cute girls who live on the island and belong to the three great families or whatever and there’s a bunch of legends and folklore surrounding them.


Part of me really wants to enjoy this story and the other part of me is calling this show out on its extreme lack of originality. Amnesia, time travel, a harem of girls, ancient legends, there’s nothing here that hasn’t been employed before and while I’d like to think this anime was going to do something original with the cocktail it actually executes it all fairly by the numbers. possibly worse because it seems to be laying out a lot of explanations early on so unless we’re just getting mis-information I’m not sure how much mystery there’s going to be. Then again, MAL doesn’t list this as a mystery but as a drama/sci-fi and I haven’t seen much sci-fi yet so who knows what this will do going forward.


Despite my misgivings, these first two episodes have made me interested in finding out what is actually going on here so I guess they served their purpose. That said, the characters are so far pretty ordinary and while it is visually quite pretty that isn’t going to be enough unless the plot really steps up its game.

What did you think of Island?

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Rinne Episode 30

An overview of this series can be found on the previous episode review.


Episode 30 is actually three short stories. One focussed on Rokudo’s grandmother cleaning house, one on his father doing his usual scummy act, and one on Masato doing his thing. Each story is amusing in its own way but this episode doesn’t break any new ground. I would like to ask what is with the new opening and why is Mamiya Sakura singing? That seems really out of character for her. I’m still enjoying this show but it is becoming increasingly ordinary and forgettable.

Rin-ne is available on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.