Blue Exorcist Episode 28



I shouldn’t be surprised that very little is happening at the moment in this show. Season 1 did the exact same thing. Big opening with lots of supernatural menace and action and then highschool playtime and teens figuring out who they are only occasionally broken up by action sequences.


Its a weird choice for a show that most people would call an action. The problem is, Blue Exorcist doesn’t really do characters that can pull off emotional nuances so mostly we’re left with lame jokes and obvious emotional fumbling, meanwhile we know there’s this whole conspiracy and demons and amazing things we could be watching and instead we see Shiemi get comforted by being called a weed.


Not mocking Shiemi too much. She’s my favourite character in this show but as I said the characters aren’t exactly amazing. All and all this is watchable to those who watched season 1 but hasn’t improved at all so won’t be winning any new fans.

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Blue Exorcist Episode 27



For a show that likes its action the first two episodes of this season have been pretty slow. Episode 27 sees us meeting family members of Rin’s classmates who live in Kyoto and various other characters in Kyoto who I’m sure will actually become important at some point (or cannon fodder so either way). We do get some more back story on Bon but mostly learn that he’s just angry at his father. Rin on the other hand is still dealing with the fact that most of his classmates are avoiding him which does lead to a fairly entertaining scene that was probably fuelled by the underage consumption of alcohol (accidental, of course). That said, Kuro gets the award for most valuable player in this episode because he’s just plain adorable. So, a little bit slow but we’re still setting up all the pieces and the final few minutes of the episode kind of indicate that the plot is getting ready to move.

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Blue Exorcist Episode 26



Second season of Blue Exorcist. Rin and his twin brother were raised by a priest who was then killed by Satan. Turns out Satan is their father and Rin has inherited his power. Now he’s training as an exorcist.


This first episode of season 2 continues pretty much straight on from the first season and the movie so if you haven’t watched them, do that first. That said, even if you haven’t, they kind of catch you up on enough that you might be able to pick the story up here. We’re straight into action with the exorcists having trouble with a thief and Yukio is called in. Rin, of course, tags along and we get some fun brother bonding (read a lot of angst as both of them feel inadequate compared to the other – a problem which  they could solve by occasionally having an actual conversation).


Anyway, if you liked season 1 this feels more or less the same. Loud characters, action set pieces, and a whole bunch of pseudo-religious nonsense flying about the place. I’m not the biggest fan of the show but don’t dislike it so I’m happy enough to hop on board for a season 2.

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Poco’s Udon World Episode 10



We are closing in on the end of this series and this episode is full of tears. I’m kind of wondering about Nakajima. Rin was not drinking Sake which came as a surprise to you. She then got angry with you for lighting a cigarette. They made a big deal out of both. Surely you can connect the dots and realise she’s pregnant. Oh well. That little bit of denseness aside, this episode was interesting because Poco did something when they were visiting the grave of their mother and both Rin and Souta recalled a scene from their childhood which gave this episode a wonderful emotional ending and raised a few more questions about Poco. Very interested to see the last couple of episodes.

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Big Order Series Review


Big Order Overview:

This anime has a very promising write up, telling us the story begins after the world has ended. A world where a fairy named Daisy grants wishes (or orders) to people and because of this there is conflict. We follow Eiji as he tries to live a normal life after causing a ‘great destruction’ but soon gets swept up in events beyond his control.

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Big Order Review:

I’m going to try to keep this brief because I’m really not the ranting sort (okay, that’s a lie but we’ll move on). Let me make my position clear. This show is terrible. From start to finish it is just a complete and utter mess of a narrative.

Look, that’s coming from someone who unironically enjoyed King’s Game so please understand this series is not good.

And yet, even after proclaiming that I’d dropped it, I continued to watch week to week and actually watched to the end of the show. To keep it as simple as possible I’m just going to do a simple positive and negative list.



  • It is short. At 10 episodes this wouldn’t even take an afternoon to watch from start to finish. And that’s probably all the time it is worth.
  • Some of the powers and visuals are kind of cool. Inconsistent and horribly used (wait that’s a negative), but cool.
  • Fast pace. Much like it being short, the pace at which this races around makes a lot of the nonsense tolerable.
  • It doesn’t seem to want to be taken seriously. While this show does not go in the so bad it is good category, it actually is saved by the fact that it seemed to realise it was rubbish as well and just kind of embraced that.


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  • Eiji is a horrible excuse for a character. That probably doesn’t need much more explanation. The more they explain his motives and the more we see him react to things, the less consistent, sensible or likeable he seems.
  • Rin is a horrible excuse for a character. Her ridiculous fascination for revenge, the way she interacts with Eiji, her being shunted to comic relief for half the series before being painted into the cliché of traitor before being painted into the worse cliche of girl who stands by her guy even when it is entirely pointless and let’s be honest, he wasn’t her guy so why does she even care? Wow, I hated Rin’s character.
  • Sena is a horrible excuse for a character (I’m just going to end that line of thinking there – all of the characters fail to stand on their own merit when you look at their motives and actions).
  • The plot undermines itself and twists and turns and runs frantically here and there and glosses over plot points before finally babbling at you in the hope that if they say it fast enough you won’t notice it’s rubbish. When even the set-up villain of the show says he knew it was foolish, you have to wonder who they were trying to convince.
  • The ending. It is such a cheap way to resolve all of the conflicts. I’m not going any further into this but it is akin to having the whole series actually be a bad dream.
  • Excessive fan service and not even fan service done well or in an interesting way. Just the usual bath scenes and bouncing breasts all covered by glorious rays of light that come from nowhere. These scenes aren’t sexy or engaging, they are just there because I guess they decided they needed something.

Okay, seriously my biggest problem with Big Order is wasted potential. If they had slowed it down and actually dealt with Eiji as a person, the set up for this show could have led to a really interesting story. However, they wanted to show us powers and people with powers fighting and the occasional naked girl so that’s what they did. Which means you get the occasional fun moment or interesting sequence but it is surrounded by muck in every direction.

I’m sure there are some Big Order fans out there who will rush to defend this series, but having made it to the end, I really think I should have stuck by my original decision to drop this.

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