Rinne Episode 31

Review: It's time for the younger Shinigami to go out into the world and earn points by guiding spirits. Rokudo's house guest is a spoiled brat with little to soften his less endearing qualities that just wants to get his points and leave. So, instead of tackling small animal souls he tries to take on … Continue reading Rinne Episode 31

Rin-ne Episode 29

Overview: Rokudo Rinne is a half shinigami, half human with a dead beat father and a somewhat strict, somewhat helpful grandmother (who does not like to have her age referred to) who goes to a human school while working to help souls pass on. Mamiya Sakura is a girl at school who can see spirits … Continue reading Rin-ne Episode 29

Spring Overview

With 13 shows that I am actively watching (and a few others I'm kind of trying to catch bits and pieces of) I figure the end of the week is a good time to reflect on where each show is sitting. I Must Keep Watching In honesty, there isn't a lot happening this season that … Continue reading Spring Overview

Spring 2016