Bad Acting Followed By Bad Animation – What Is This?

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So we start in a normal high school and then via magic rock get transported to some anime dimension... This one is just weird.

Nazotokine Series Review


Overview: This is a short anime that I picked up during the Autumn 2016 season. It follows Tokine who is an office worker who occasionally gets transported into a parallel dimension thing and generates energy by solving quizzes. I reviewed this week to week here. Review: There's not a lot left to say about this … Continue reading Nazotokine Series Review

Nazotokine Episode 11


Nazotokine Episode 11 Review: The movie finishes in Nazotokine, they go to work, and then a light show. As usual, Tokine gets excited and we end with yet another riddle. Part of me has taken to wondering if this wondering if this whole show is some sort of travel advertisement with the quizzes thrown in … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 11

Nazotokine Episode 10


Nazotokine Episode 10 Review: Here's a lesson I shouldn't have needed to learn. Don't watch Nazotokine after Yuri on Ice. I could have just stopped that sentence with 'don't watch Nazotokine' but at this point I'm more or less committed. However, after Yuri on Ice what was probably just another run of the mill episode … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 10

Nazotokine Episode 8


Review: Tokine solves the dragon's quiz and asks yet another unanswered question. Nazotokine has really become predictable and dull at this point and time. The riddles aren't really solvable from an outsiders perspective particularly as you can only see the parts of them Tokine is focusing on and there just isn't enough of anything else … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 8

Nazotokine Episode 6


Review: Nazotokine has Tokine solving another riddle with the movers and once again the answer was either obvious or indecipherable depending on your view point. It actually kind of seems like there was a lot of unnecessary clutter this time around which made the solution seems just a bit lame. Then of course we have … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 6

Nazotokine Episode 5


Review: Tokine goes to help her friend move. They gush about the apartment and then the movers and then both of her friends and the movers leave to go downstairs for plot convenient reasons. Two of the movers return just in time for Tokine to transport them all into Quizum (?) and then we see … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 5

Nazotokine Episode 4


Nazotokine Episode 4 Review: Nazotokine continues to be watchably ho-hum. At least the riddle was sort of riddle like this time, though without actual context knowledge it isn't as though the audience could have tried to unravel that one so mostly its just watching her strain her brain until she gets to her eureka moment. … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 4

Nazotokine Episode 3


Nazotokine Episode 3 Review: Well, at least I don't know the answer to the riddle yet. That's a plus. Mostly this episode follows Tokine around her normal day as she gets herself fired up for a late night of work before rushing for the last train. It was interesting seeing what happens to other people … Continue reading Nazotokine Episode 3

Nazotokine Episodes 1 + 2


Nazotokine Episodes 1 and 2 Overview: In Nazotokine, a perfectly ordinary secretary (except that she's secretly an otaku) gets trapped in another dimension and is told she has to solve some riddles to get out. Review Episode 1: This I didn't mind. At only 7 minutes we barely got the introduction of the story and … Continue reading Nazotokine Episodes 1 + 2