Akiba’s Trip Episode 3



When you start something expecting to not like it and it surprises you, there’s always still the underlying caution that maybe they just had a good week or two. Akiba’s Trip is apparently that show. I kind of thought they’d get to episode 4 before the shiny started to fade but they haven’t even made it past the first three episodes for those who do a three episode rule.


This episode is not good. We spend 8 minutes of the episode focussed on Tomotsu as he pursues his new hobby as an idol fan and audio enthusiast in the lamest kind of parody that is actually kind of insulting to the viewer. The end result is its boring and predictable to watch and with none of the action or humour of the first two episodes it falls completely flat. By the time his credit card debt arrives and he’s forced to get another part time job (which then leads us to the second half of the episode and remembers that there is supposed to be something resembling a story happening) you just don’t care. The second half embraces the sleazy fan service that the synopsis of this show suggests should have been here from the start, putting the three main female characters through idol training before getting them into swim suits. Again, the vast majority of the jokes don’t work and with an over reliance on bust shots visually its pretty ordinary.

This far in I’ll give it another episode but if this is what is in store for the rest of the season, I am going to put this one in the dropped list.

Akiba’s Trip is available on Crunchyroll