Ahiru no Sora Episodes 6 + 7 Review

While episode 5 seemed to take an eternity, 6 + 7 roll along quite nicely with Ahiru no Sora finishing the match and introducing some more petty issues for the team to overcome. It's all working well enough in these two episodes but nothing overly remarkable.


Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life Episode 7 Review

Pointless beach episode - probably enough said.

Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 Episodes 6 + 7 Review

Episode 6 moves along quite a bit quicker than episode 5 and the resolution of the terrorists in the mall works well enough in Special 7. Then we go to an episode which is admittedly down time and set up but unlike some other shows this one manages to keep things moving along as it does it and offers some new perspectives, or at least a chance to learn a bit more about some of the characters in the process.

Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 7 Review

Not a bad showing given the previous handful of episodes, but neither is this an episode that is going to change your overall opinion about Kabukichou Sherlock. It works well enough but isn't satisfying as a mystery and the comedy is still very much missing the mark.

Hataage! Kemono Michi Episodes 7 + 8 Review

Genzo trains a lizardman (girl) and then they set up their own pro-wrestling tournament for Genzo to earn some money toward his pet shop. The standard gags from this anime appear and it all works well enough without providing much that is really note-worthy.

Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun Episode 7 Review

The saga with the student council continues though I have to admit it delivers a fairly bland episode of Iruma-kun. It isn't bad but there's not a huge amount of laughs or really anything this episode, unless you really like someone reading out shoujo manga.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Granblue Fantasy season 2 gives us another luke warm showing as the crew crash onto a misty island inhabited by friendly zombies.

Given Anime Series Review

I had the joy of reviewing this one each week with Irina and I know that it was a definite highlight of the Summer anime season. Given is a low key boys love anime with two adorable dorks at its centre.

Null & Peta Episodes 6 + 7 Review

Following on from Null's emotional efforts to save Peta in episode 5, episodes 6 + 7 raise some serious questions about the nature of the Null's world while also giving us some fun beach moments and then some trouble at the dreaded school. Fairly impressive effort given how short these episodes are.