Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 3 Review

Hands Off Eizouken has made a strong start with 3 very convincing episodes. Join Irina and I as we gush over the latest offering.


Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 2 Review

This may very well be the prettiest anime of the season, at least as far as settings go, and it certainly has the most 'aww' moments of any anime in my line up for the season. Other than that though, there isn't a lot to say about Somali and the Forest Spirit.

ID:Invaded Episode 4 Review

We've got a good old grave digger mystery with a bit of a twist this week in ID:Invaded and with actual flow on consequences from Sakaido's actions last week things are looking pretty solid for ID:Invaded this week.

PET episode 3 – Fishbowl

You know, I gotta to give it to Pet, whatever else it may be, it is a very consistent show. And by that I mean that if you've been watching it, you should already know what you're in for with this series. This week, the Pet centred on the "company's" dealings with a Chinese mobster … Continue reading PET episode 3 – Fishbowl

In/Spectre Episode 2 Review

We're back with the second episode of In/Spectre and I must say I was really enjoying it. Right up until we got a 'to be continued' shot and then the credits rolled right when things were getting really juicy. It is such a cheap plot particularly when it is clear that this story will be … Continue reading In/Spectre Episode 2 Review

BOFURI Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of Bofuri continues to demonstrate a charming understanding of casual gaming and gaming just for the joy of it. Maple joins an event and then is joined by her IRL friend who also decides to go with a slightly unconventional build.

The Case Files of Jeweller Richard Episode 2

Hello one and all. I spontaneous decided that I would start off our Jeweller Richard conversation this week so I'm hoping Karandi isn't putting together a wonderful first draft as we speak! I have a feeling this show will be a bit of a miss with the average anime viewer but I have been wrong … Continue reading The Case Files of Jeweller Richard Episode 2

Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Anime Series Review

Cautious Hero gives us the usual isekai deal with an overlay of heavy comedy. The main gimmick is that the hero, despite being incredibly powerful, is incredibly cautious (almost paranoid about danger). There's certainly some amusement here but can this one hold its own in the already over-crowded comedic isekai market?

In/Spectre Episode 1 Review

The nice thing about not looking at what is coming out in the next season is that sometimes you get these pleasant surprises. While In/Spectre isn't going to have the broad appeal of bigger anime, for those who like their fun supernatural stories this one certainly has all the signs of being pretty entertaining.