Kiznaiver Series Review

Katsuhira can't feel pain and doesn't know why. This apparently makes him the target of bullies and an obsessive child-hood friend. However, Katsuhira and six of his classmates are used in an experiment to join their pain and begin a journey of emotional self-discovery. However, is it an entertaining journey? First posted June 2016.

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 13 Review

The story of Irene continues and this episode has far more focus on Albert Moriarty. Things are definitely shaping up in this story and I'm curious as to where we're going with it all.

Shiki Series Review

Shiki is one of those horror anime I return to again and again. Those who aren't the biggest fans of slow and suspenseful stories that ultimately go full blood bath are unlikely to find much here of interest, but for fans of the horror genre and vampire stories, there's a lot to appreciate. Read the full review. First published May 2016.

Ouran Highschool Host Club Series Review

From an anime that didn't impress me much on a first attempt to one that has a place amongst some of my most rewatched series of all time... How did Ouran Highschool Host Club win me over? Now with pod-cast.

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 12 Review

Not sure if this is so much a 2nd season as the 2nd cour of season one given AnimeLab lists this under season one as episode 12, but whatever. Moriarty the Patriot has returned and done so before my review of season one has even come out (due next week - timing). Well, how does this first episode do?

The Devil is a Part-Timer Series Review

What's an ousted Devil to do when stuck in Japan with minimal magic and no proven way home? Why he needs to find a new path to conquest and that means climbing the corporate ladder starting wherever he can, even if that is serving take-away at a knock off version of McDonald's. First posted May 2016.

Black Butler Season 1 Series Review

Black Butler - Series Review

Black Butler has for a long time been one of my favourite anime. For all the historical inaccuracies and potential plot problems, it remains a series that is very fun to watch and manages a solid and dramatic finale (which makes you wonder why season 2 happened). Read the full review. First posted May 2016.

Arifureta Anime Series Review

Oh boy... Arifureta the anime... Hmm, nope, let's just do this.

Solo Leveling Volume 1 Novel Review

Solo Leveling is one of those stories that knew exactly what it wanted to be and didn't really try to pretend to be anything else. We go from zero to hero with a character and learn more about a world where hunters a needed and gates and dungeons appear in cities around the world. Basically, this one is a lot of fun. Be sure to read the full review.

Given Anime Series Review

I had the joy of reviewing this one each week with Irina and I know that it was a definite highlight of the Summer anime season. Given is a low key boys love anime with two adorable dorks at its centre.