The Worst of Spring 2017


Yesterday I posted the results of The Best of Spring 2017 poll, so if you missed the post be sure to check it out and let me know what your favourite show was. Here though, we celebrate those lesser titles that just didn’t quite hit the mark.

My Least Favourite Show

Chosen only from shows that I watched from beginning to end during the Spring 2017 season, this show gets the title of worst (even though there were worse shows, I just didn’t finish watching them). I’m giving it to Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor.



I might point out that there were actually some good moments and ideas in this show, however it was more I tolerated watching the rest to get to those points rather than actually enjoying watching the show. I’d love to give the title to something like Sword Oratoria, but I dropped it.

My Least Favourite Character

It has to be Glenn Radar. I genuinely hated him from start to finish in his series and any time it looked like maybe they might help him turn around and become somewhat decent, he would do something so scummy that it would make me despise him yet again.


Glenn actively makes you hate him in the first episode. He does after all have to live up to the title of Bastard Magical Instructor, the issue is that after they’ve established that he then see-saws from caring mentor to scummy drop kick in the space o two lines of dialogue for the rest of the series and you just cannot take him seriously as an instructor.

My Least Favourite Story

This one goes to The Silver Guardian. There were a few moments where it looked like this show would get itself together but it really was just a mess of ideas that never really seemed to progress sensibly.


By the end of this season we still don’t know the villain’s motive for kidnapping Riku Rei or why she’s suddenly donning a Princess Leia rip-off costume and seemingly joining them. Nor do we have any idea how Suigin is going to become that amazing fighter we saw in episode one given he still hasn’t actually done anything in the game of note. Basically, things happen and we keep moving forward but the reason for anything is unclear so you really don’t have any reason to care.

My Least Favourite Opening Theme

Early in the season I’d have given this to Attack on Titan but that theme actually grew on me by the end of the series so now I’m kind of stumped as to what my least favourite opening theme was. I’m going to give it to Sagrada Reset because I basically end up skipping it most weeks because I’m just not interested in it.


Though, I think if this was finished the whole show might have gotten nominated for my least favourite of the season.

My Least Favourite Visuals

Another tough one and I’m going to have to give it to Granblue Fantasy. I know lots of people really liked how this looked but I found it really unappealing to look at and I really didn’t like how the characters moved a lot of the time. Admittedly, The Silver Guardian is probably uglier to look at and I know The Laughing Salesman is, but with both of those I kind of felt the visuals added something to the overall feel of the show, whereas Granblue was just kind of there.


Again, there were some good moments in the series but overall I think it was the show that appealed least visually to me.

Reader’s Choice – Worst Anime of Spring 2017

Here it is:

This one was never close. Clockwork Planet was leading from beginning to end and to be honest, given I dropped it during the first episode, I was not in any way surprised by this result (other than apparently 13 people who voted actually watched it through to the end).

Okay, your turn to tell us what you thought the worst of the season was and why.

Thanks for reading.

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