Super Lovers Series Review: Not Sure About the Super Part – But They Are Working on the Lovers Part

At no point did I want to drop this show even on a second viewing. I did however want it to speed up a bit and maybe have a little bit more happening in each episode. So what is good about the series?

Dies Irae Series Review: A Hard Pass On This One

Overview: Weird guys with supernatural powers descend on a town intending to sacrifice it for some more power and Fujii Ren is apparently going to try to stop them. I'm not going to pretend like the story in this actually makes any sense or that it matters so that'll do for an overview. Review: As … Continue reading Dies Irae Series Review: A Hard Pass On This One

Super Lovers Season 2 Series Review

Overview: Super Lovers season 2 picks up with Ren and Haru pretty much where season 1 left off. Their relationship is in limbo. That said, Ren is actively becoming more aggressive in his pursuit of a relationship this season. I reviewed Super Lovers season 2 week to week over on my patreon, however the posts … Continue reading Super Lovers Season 2 Series Review

Super Lovers Season 2 Episode 1

Review: I wasn't planning on reviewing Super Lovers episodically this season because during season 1 I kind of noted that every post on this series had much the same observations. But AnimeLab hasn't released a new episode of Iron Blooded Orphans so now I have a gap in my schedule so here we go. Episode … Continue reading Super Lovers Season 2 Episode 1

Super Lovers Series Review

I've watched week to week and covered this in 100 word stints but not that the final episode has aired, the question becomes whether or not the series as a whole is worth the time. If you want to read my posts about individual episodes, they are here. Overview: The story starts with Haru arriving … Continue reading Super Lovers Series Review

Super Lovers Episode 10

Review: Well, that felt like an unecessary plot complication right at the end of the series. Is that seriously how this is going to end? Last week it was announced that Haruka was coming to Japan and this week she arrives. Admittedly, her arrival does at least force a lot of conversations that should have … Continue reading Super Lovers Episode 10

Super Lovers Episode 9

Review: I've tried and failed to write a review of this episode about four times now. So, I'm going to keep it simple. This episode deals very much with Ren and Ren growing up (and Haru's role in his life). At times I found this episode a little uncomfortable to watch and I know for … Continue reading Super Lovers Episode 9

Super Lovers Episode 7

Review: The misunderstanding continues between Ren and Haru, an assignment needs to be finished, Ren has no emotional depth, and a fever strikes. This episode continues on from exactly where we left and gives us much of the same. While there's nothing wrong with that, it also isn't particularly compelling. Plus, when both out main … Continue reading Super Lovers Episode 7