ReLIFE OVA: What Happens At The End of a ReLIFE?

Having watched ReLIFE last year and managing to ignore the blatantly ridiculous premise long enough to get into the story and actually enjoy it, I was kind of happy to hear that we were getting more. Closely followed by unhappy that the anime only got a 4 episode OVA to try to wrap things up. … Continue reading ReLIFE OVA: What Happens At The End of a ReLIFE?

In Case You Missed It

Right, so it's become a regular feature for now. I kind of enjoy the process of recording some of my favourite reads and people seem to appreciate having posts shared so I'll see where this goes. As always, I found some great posts about anime (some about manga) this week. While not all of them … Continue reading In Case You Missed It

ReLIFE Series Review

Overview: Arata Kaizaki's life has kind of hit a stand still. After quitting his first job three months in he is finding it pretty hard to find employment, or even really face the world and is becoming increasingly isolated. Enter a pill and a contract to go back to being 17 years old for a … Continue reading ReLIFE Series Review